Saturday, May 30, 2009

from Shindoi#317 20090527 - Okaimono Walker

I O_o at the total amount they spent~

Tsuyoshi looks really tired at the beginning. Guess, it was after his tour..

Glad he didn't buy it^^'

Height matters :p

Do we all know that Tsuyoshi weak at janken?

Terminator is on the way..

Yamada Yu is a good companion to shopping with xD

Looks delicious though I can't stand the raw egg..

Tsuyoshi bought these at adidas shop.
So, he usually bring along his notebook with him?

The pink jacket, hoshii!


This 'pair' looks weird^^'

He has flower arrangement in his house? I wonder what kind ;)

Tsuyoshi spent:

Yamada spent:

The total amount...

Next week guest, Kato Rosa! Yes, I miss her at Shindoi. Sangatsu-kun, onegaishimasu^^

Monday, May 25, 2009

from Shindoi 20090513 - Shindoi Walker

He was introduced to some women and, one of them..

Comedian, Torii Miyuki^^'

what are you doing to him??


just some random captures

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

from SDK 20090517 - 8th Anniversary in Korea part 2

Oh, I miss Korean food...

I'm curious with this ogolge samgyetang, looks delicious! I wonder I can find it here, since the black chicken is not cheap.

and adding kimchi in it is surely oishii I can imagine that!

Love to see them enjoying the dishes~

Just some random snapshots for the sake of the high quality of the video!^^'

I'm thinking about cutting Koichi's hair...

I'm thinking of kidnapping Tsuyoshi...

onnappoi of Tsuyoshi is



The T-shirt to commemorate 8 years anniversary is:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

from SDK 20090503 - 8th Anniversary in Korea part 1

They came to Korea to celebrate SDK 8th anniversary.

Enari introduced himself as Jang Dong-gun of Japan! lol

Tsuyoshi didn't approve it, so..

Went to Tako restaurant.

Koichi said he loves tako~

Koichi knew that Kyoko dislike tako~

Koichi wanted to see the tako~

O_o Tsuyoshi...

Tsuyoshi mistaken the tako as (Yoshida) Ken-san? :p

Ok, now the main part.
Tako live as the dish..


Even paid, I won't eat it, never!

KinKi futari try to eat them..


Koichi asked Kyoko to try..

Kyoko refused at first..

But, she gave in and..


This extra spicy dish...

Koichi can't stand it

To my opinion, Koichi is the most high tension in this episode^^'

I wonder why Tsuyoshi took the dish quite a lot.


and someone looks happy instead xD

Yes, let's buy doughnouts.

Tsuyoshi tried to give the answer

someone answered first and he copied it.

>> Ohashi Kyosen

because Koichi forgot that this was on air^^

So, it was Takamizawa who had to pay?

at the fortune teller

Koichi seemed really like Aoki Sayaka :p

Happy faces~

Before I forgot,
KKL moment: Koichi tried to chase away Enari from interrupt between KinKi

This was seen on the beginning, but it happened to be cut?