Thursday, January 31, 2013

new interest ^^

I want to rant a lot actually, but it's been a while since I rant on something, so, I'm a bit lost on where to start^^'
Did I mention about now I have new interest in fandom, right? Yeah, it's regarding suju, especially Kim HeeChul~
Am I officially a fan? Hehee, I'm not planning to.. let's say it's just a new interest.  Actually I spent a lot searching and watched about him lately -kekekee-
Since then, it's just like a nostalgia into K-world again.  Now, I have some new songs to listen to..and most of the songs have related with HC :p

I'll be back xD


It's a new year again, eh?
Happy new year 2013! May this year filled with peace, health and happiness!

Sigh (what's wrong with me?).. xD
Well, started from end of 2012, I have a bit problem at work..not my problem, but my office's.  It's a big one and I just hope we can find a good way out for everyone.

Koichi (34), otanjoubi omedetou~~
Hyde-san (44), otanjoubi omedetou~~
Shingo-chan (36), otanjoubi omedetou~~

This blog is entering 6 years.  I just less and less posting..
Real life really took my time a lot, lately.  It's a good thing, anyway xD
So, see you later~