Monday, January 29, 2007

[B'day]Otanjoubi omedetto HYDE-san!

Some pics in above picture are matsuchan and alexband's scannings posted at Pieces, thank you.

Today, January 29 is Hyde-san's tanjoubi^^ and he's turn 38 now.
Wishing you all the best, in L'Arc and solo!

Friday, January 26, 2007

[News] Jang Dong-gun Becomes Nintendo Model

Jang Dong-gun Becomes Nintendo Model

Actor Jang Dong-gun became the model for Nintendo’s promotion campaign in South Korea.

Jang, the hero of movies ``Friend’’ and ``Tae Guk Gi,’’ will be featured in game advertisements for Nintendo DS mini console from January.

``We picked him because he is a representative of people who don’t look like a game fan at all,’’ Nintendo said in a release, hoping to improve the public image of the video game culture. (Korea Times)

Nintendo release DS Lite, an upgraded version of Nintendo DS, as well as two localized games _ ``Brain Training’’ and ``English Training’’ _ in Korea on Jan. 18 with Jang Dong Gun as the model.
There's 3 version of cute CFs for each English learning and Brain training. Check on


It's really interesting, feel like get one for myself :)

Just for info. Nanako Matsushima was Nintendo DS model in Japan now. So with Utada Hikaru. Apparently she's a tetris expert!^^ There's a clip where she challenge 30 (plus 2) people to play tetris. Amazingly she won 26 and lose 4 times. With plus 2 expert people, she won 1 and lose 1. The show was around August 2006.

Nintendo Takes Aim at Korea

Japanese video game maker Nintendo is set to attack the Korean market. After setting up a Seoul office last year, Nintendo, one of the world’s top three game makers, has just released its latest portable game machine here. The Nintendo DS Lite, a top seller in Japan with some 8 million units sold so far, hit stores Thursday for W150,000 (US$1=W937).

Nintendo Korea has hired movie star Jang Dong-gun to promote its products to local gamers. The company’s chief Koda Mineo said that they aim to attract people who don't usually play video games “We plan to target even those age groups who typically show little interest in video games,” he said.

Later in the year, the company will introduce its highly-anticipated Wii game console. The next-generation machine has already rocked the Japanese market, selling a million units in just one month after its December release, more than twice the number of Sony’s new PlayStation3.

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another news:

[JJ] Letter to Johnny's Jimusho

Refering to the news here , a Kimura Takuya fan - Sandra, create a blog with title 'Letter to Johnny's Jimusho'.
Here's I quote her comment:

I've started a blog called Letter to Johnny's Jimusho to protest some of their policies in relation to the withdrawal of the best actor nomination for Kimura and Junichi.

While it is imperceivable that Kitagawa may change his policy as he is playing shogun but the frustration from fans needs to be communicated to JE no matter what. That's what being a fan is all about. Please help.

Thank you in advance.


If you want to participate, please go to the block, and for those who don't have a blog, you can email her.