Monday, August 01, 2011

Domoto Tsuyoshi new single「Nijiの詩」 to release on September 7th!

source: twitter

Tsuyoshi Domoto's new single 「Nijiの詩」 will be released on September 7th.
There are 3 types: Limited Edition A (CD) 1,400yen, Limited Edition B (CD + DVD) 1,400yen, and Regular Edition (CD) for 1,000yen.

Limited Edition A contain : two additional songs   「technologia - 意思」 + 「月 - ツク (inst)」.

Bonus: Photo Cards objects seven changes of seven modular card / lyrics Folded / 4 turn the case back

Limited Edition B contain : additional DVD ( 「Nijiの詩」 Music Clip + Interview + Domoto Tsuyoshi Recording field trip).
8P Jackets / 4 sides

Regular Edition contain: two additional songs  「カケタ オイカケタ」 and 「寧日」 .
6P Jackets / 3 sides

※ Campaign works to create the next single and album.

It's written that there's  some kind a lottery.. there's a form to fill in inside the jacket.

What a mess translation^^'
Let's wait for the official announcement from any of the online store xD

After the single... there'll be an album *yay*


wsang244 said...

Limited B menarik... *wink*

ryo said...

Penasaran ama semuaaaa... Why you always like this, Tsuyo-san?? ;_;