Monday, September 29, 2008

from SDK 2008.09.28 with Ohashi Nozomi x Fujioka-Fujimaki

Well, Nozomiちゃん(KinKi も) は かわいいすぎるぜ!

Ohashi Nozomi (9 years old), so Koichi thought he can be her papa

shy papa

She's so cute, and her cuteness makes Koichi melted :P

Eee, which one, Tsuyoshi? *kidding* xD

The fact is revealed, and someone got relieved..

Nozomi did watch 「33分探偵」 (wow, she must sleep very late^^)

acchimuite hoi start!

aren't we all know Tsuyoshi is bad at it?


even Takamizawaさん also... xD

Ponyo's theme song was released on December 5, 2007, performed by Fujioka Fujimaki (famous duo Takaaki Fujioka and Naoya Fujimaki) and eight year old Nozomi Ohashi.

Friday, September 26, 2008

English subbed for the MC parts of DVD「We are Φ'n 39!! and U? KinKi Kids Live in DOME 07-08」

What a long title xD

Finally...English subbed for the MC parts! Go and grab :: here ::
She's awesome, thank you!^^

Thursday, September 25, 2008

SMAP [super.modern.artistic.performance] Tour

excerpted from Japan-zone

... the first SMAP tour in two years is on a whole new scale for them. Their tour started at Tokyo Dome last night and they will be the first Japanese artists to play six nights at the 55,000-seat venue. Then they'll use about one hundred 11- and 20-ton trucks to move the elaborate stage show to the other four domes across the country. Last night, youngest member Katori Shingo (31) injured his right knee in a fall on stage. He suffered contusion and internal bleeding that will take two weeks to heal, but he promised to be on stage again tonight.


I'm sorry about Shingo being injured. Wish him get speedy recovery~

Finally 3 + 1 of my smappies fellows set to go to see the concert. One of them already manage to get the ticket (pssttt) and not yet for the other 3. Wish them all the best luck!
Ah, about the new album super.modern.artistic.performance, hmm.. it's pretty hard for me to listen to them again after more than a year already? But the entire album sounds as the title says. There's even techno pop song, jazzy tune.. Seems that kind of music are in trend. From KinKi Kids Secret Code, to PornoGraffiti, then V6 with Swing and now Smap too.
There's some news about the concert like on mezamashi, haven't seen it yet, but I think I miss their concert somehow. Recently I'm rewatched Kimura dorama Good Luck, Shingo new drama Bara no nai hanaya, dan start watching Kimura's Change. I surely miss him in acting. I miss smapxsmap too..
I'm not sure whether to get their concert DVD that is already preorder at HMV and Yesasia for release on December 17, since I'm expecting Tsuyoshi's the most. But I'm counting on the nonbar, it surely more exciting xD

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

from SDK#356 20080921 with Tanimura Mitsuki

From SDK with Tanimura Mitsuki..
I'm a bit confused since it seemed that Koichi stole the light a lot. Wonder what's wrong with Tsuyoshi. No wonder the cameraman loves to take Koichi more xD
This is like what happened in Phi Concert before. Koichi fans wonder why Tsuyoshi got the spot a lot. It's merely because he did this and that a lot compare to Koichi that mostly standing still xD Though, I also think that Koichi deserved better angles on his solo...

High tension Koichi since the very start ^o^

sure there's nothing between these two? :P *runs*

Ossan act.. start!

teasing the girls at the back :P


finally he found someone whom also likes simple mail rather than full of emoticons xD

but.. he got shock to know that his father (he said, otochan~) using some kind of emo in his mails^^

no idea what about this..


He was wearing a vest ;)

can't wait to get this one subbed too.

note: KinKi seemed got guests from Kansai area recently, so they talked in Kansai ben quite a lot.