Friday, January 29, 2010

KinKi YOU - Disc 1

Disc 1 was taken from concert on day 2 at Tokyo Dome, 2008.July.22.

I really enjoyed this 2:42 hours (162 minutes), they sang and talked.  I got the feeling that audience wanted to see them talk rather than sing, and only KK fans knows why^^'

Oh, I'm sorry but I was surprised that it was the first time I really listen to [Natural Thang] song! *embarrassed*

From the looong MC, they seemed found a special topic, which is..

First time Koichi did this samba dance, Tsuyoshi called him, Majima-san. That's what I heard. I've googling and found out about someone called Majima Shigeki-san, a choreographer. The man behind the Matsuken Samba sensation. Watch Majima-san samba dance :: here ::
I supposed it was reflected to that one?
The dance was became the theme of the concert that day.  I can't believe it that Koichi really did that dance game until he was exhausted^^'

Some actions, movement..
starting from Majima dance

what they were thinking? *sweat*

Koichi was really in his high tension, apparently.  This act, I've never suspected he would do it xD
Put off the clothes and make a high's more like Tsuyoshi would do that :p
Plus that I like the CG used for Jetcoaster Romance xD
But, Tsuyoshi! What were you doing??? It might be nothing, but.. lol

Janken is KK new trendmark.

KK in Majima zone xD

[99% LIBERTY] is the song of the year.

end of the concert

Koichi looked like a prince, as always..

but Tsuyoshi looked totally handsome in this outfit..without any head cover.

I love [ビロードの闇] and [涙、ひとひら] performance.  The dance. The camera should have focus on their dance properly >_>
Oh, they sung [もう君以外愛せない] beautifully~


Yummy Tummy xD

Monday, January 25, 2010

no title

I just finished watched disc 1 KinKi YOU dvd.  It was hard to get me in the mood for anything longer than DK show recently.

It was great con!
Talk about it later. It's too late already.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Best wishes for both of them :)

Well well xD

source: arirangworld

Recently, they were seen together in public^^'

Domoto Tsuyoshi made a phone call with Kimura Takuya on Shindoi

Since last night, I'm still trying to find the whole episode where Tsuyoshi made a call to Kimura Takuya during Shindoi episode wtih  Cream Stew (くりぃむしちゅー) and Satou Tamao.
Watch the clip :: here ::

Was it from this episode? It was from this episode!
[堂本刚 の 正直しんどい]#116 [2005.03.30] ~春の芸人祭~SP (Spring festival)
But I found no one has share the episode yet. There's one at tudou :: here :: 


Found an old news translation done by Sandra

Article: April 7, 2006

Earlier Kimura was relating happily in his radio show, "Recently I bumped into Domoto Tsuyoshi and we not only talked a lot about the topic of fish, but I could even brag a bit and say we have exchanged telephone numbers!" Kimura who is so popular in Japan would become happy over the exchange of telephone number, this obviously delighted the Tsuyoshi Domoto fans. But actually both belong to the same company and as senior and junior colleague, Kimura did not miss the chance of humoring that they have both known each other for so many years and only finally exchanged telephone numbers now, actually it is embarrassing.

Accordingly, after they have exchanged their numbers, Tsuyoshi even asked Kimura, "Could I call you during my program?" Kimura agreed instantly, "Of course no problem."

And sure enough in a special program (Shindoi), Tsuyoshi realized his dream. On that day, Tsuyoshi drew the 28th telephone number to call and when he got to no. 28, he realized it was his senior's name, Kimura, he suddenly became very nervous. But when he called, it was only a message center. At that point, Tsuyoshi breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't think that Kimura picked up the message and hurriedly returned call, and even blamed Tsuyoshi for not calling earlier as promised and only called now. On the spot, Tsuyoshi was sweating it and was very polite and respectful.

Permission to repost this article is granted only if this article is accompanied with this message, the text is not altered, and credit is given to this site as follows:


Saturday, January 23, 2010

[24CH△NNEL]#015 東京で富士山を感じる

Tsuyoshi wish #33, is to have a sight of Mt. Fuji from Tokyo.

They met the specialist on Fuji photo taking, Rocky Tanaka-san (check out his photos at his website, and you'll see awesome photos of Mt.Fuji~).

and a baby!

or his son?? ^^'

Rocky Tanaka-san is really a famous photographer for Fuji-san.
 (full photo here)

Our star was completely ready all along with the clothing thing (the triangle mountain shape and red cardigan for passion spirit) xD

It was decided that at this opportunity, Tsuyoshi aimed for "diamond Fuji", a mysterious charm of Mount Fuji when the sun sets on the peek of Fuji-san (read here and here).

Don't understand what Rocky-san saying about how he got his name 'Rocky' and so with Uguisu-san.  But in the end our star got 'Golden Domoto' ^^'

The stars ready for the show..

The show begin..

Diamond Fuji, photos taken by Golden Domoto



What's with this dance, Tsuyoshi-san??

Mount Fuji as viewed across the Tokyo sky-scape.  I see familiar bulding around the center xD



I'd like to see mount Fuji..
I hope there'll be HQ file for this episode as well~!

Bits from Tsuyoshi X CA4LA

I found this interesting article about Tsuyoshi an his CA4LA project last year.

Awesome isn't it? I hardly believe when I read and saw (enlarge) the photos where people queue since 2am to get the hat the next morning (the shop open at 11am)!  And it had been raining..


Oh, I finally got my J goods, thanks to dear Ran :)
I figured out  the size is big since the uchiwa could fit in..but yeah, it's big for my slim size :p

Since it has no zipper, I've been thinking to get transparent plastic bag or else with zipper to put inside.. It's no safe to carry a bag without any zipper even walk in the mall, here xD
In the end, the J strap is belongs to... a friend xD

Thanks again, Ran-chan! Especially for the bonus^^'

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dramas of KK, KD, TD

I'd like to watch KK and each dramas, so try to collect sources:

ф Ningen shikkaku - 1994 (hardsubbed, incomplete 4): here @jdramas
ф Wakaba no Koro - 1996 (hardsubbed, incomplete 3): here @crimsonnataku or here @asian_doramas for raw + SP
ф Bokura no yuuki - 1997 (hardsubbed, completed): here @asian_doramas or here @crimsonnataku

Ginrou Kaiki files - 1996 (raw, completed): here @asian_doramas
Harmonia ~ kono ai no gai de ~ - 1998 (raw, completed): here @gally04
P.S. Genki desu, Shunpei - 1999 (raw, completed): here @gally04
 Tenshi ga kieta machi - 2000 (raw, completed): here@kinkidaisuki
Rookie - 2001 (raw, completed): here @asian_doramas
Remote - 2002 (softsubbed, completed): here @asian_doramas
 Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari - 2006 (hardsubbed): here @asian_doramas
Sushi Ouji - 2007 (hardsubbed, completed): here @jdramas

Kindaichi shonen no jinkembo #season 1 - 1995 (raw, completed): here@asian_doramas
 Ao no jidai - 1998 (raw, completed): here @asian_doramas
 Kimi to ita mirai no tameni (hardsubbed, incomplete 6): here @ame-no-uta-jdrama
To Heart - 1999 (hardsubbed, completed): here @jdramas
Summer Snow - 2000 (hardsubbed, completed): here @asian_doramas
Gakkou no sensei - 2001 (softsubbed, completed): here @rurun
Mukai Arata no dobutsu nikki: aiken Rosinante no sainan  - 2001 (chinese subbed, completed): here @kinkidaisuki
Yume no California - 2002 (hardsubbed, completed): here @jdramas
Moto Kare - 2003 (hardsubbed, completed): here @jdramas
Home Drama - 2004 (hardsubbed, completed): here @jdramas
Last Present - 2005 (hardsubbed): here @asian_doramas
Hoshi ni negai o - 2005 (hardsubbed, completed): here @jdramas
33pun Tantei - 2008 (hardSubbed, incomplete 7): here @asian_doramas


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hunger for HQ files...

Someone share the HQ of last week 24CHANNEL, uh I'm so glad about it!  I wish someone will share the previous episode, the nanakusa episode too.  I'm not CB user, since xD

Anyway, look at his eyes...

Tsuyoshi certainly tired and sleepy, yet he still working on it and I'm talking about creating some art works~

Beautiful indeed.. I'd love to see them by my own eyes..


His dress! It's complicated fashion.  An overall with flower motif^^'
No one can dress up like him :p

sankaku pendant xD

Sure, it's not 39 bus (on the left), I suppose :p


Just notice this one

New KK stuff at Johnny's Shop?

source: oricon/glocaly,, auction

・リングノート/600円 - ring note
・マウスパット/800円 - mouse pad
・チケットファイル/700円 - ticket file
・CDファイル/1,200円 - CD file

Below are Photo Album, File box, and Postcard box

Why they choose that photo...I'm sure there's better pose xD

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The KK pattern...

I was watching this performance and suddenly I remember something...

It's related to the recent Swan Song performance at MSSL 20091225 (see here and here). I saw the same pattern over here...
It seems that those kisu really got Koi after all^^'

fanarts *o*

Just received a cute Tsuyo 2D-plushie as my birthday present from a dear friend^^

and these are nice fanart a friend drew that I received recently^^

Saturday, January 09, 2010

「24CH△NNEL」 20100106 - 七草 (nanakusa)

This time, Tsuyoshi trying to have nanakusa porridge on January 7th.  Though, he had it earlier than it should be xD

It's amazing to see that the herbs are actually grow around us.

In the end, they only found 6 herbs.

The herbs had to be chopped along with certain song ♪


Meet papa Tsuyo

Jikuu exhibition!

That's it? I'd like to see it longer..

hontou ni, Runa-chan cho kawaii~!^^