Sunday, January 30, 2011

Endless SHOCK 2011

Endless SHOCK 2011
from February 5th - March 31st 2011
total 76 shows
I wish I can watch the show one day...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

堂本剛の「24CH△NNEL」DVD Covers


2010.02.23 DVD ON SALE!!

Interesting covers...
I want them...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

SDK 2011.01.16 - Makihara Noriyuki

The flowery outfit..not bad xD
Makihara Noriyuki-san (b.1969) is a famous song writer/singer.  I like his song "Donna toki mo" (KK sang the song for Ai Kato in DK 2004).  All I know that he wrote SMAP best seller song "Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no hana" and recent song "Love & Peace inside?", also wrote for CHEMISTRY's "Yakushoku no basho".
Makihara-san first salary/paid was ¥100,000. It's for "Donna toki mo" song.
Schumacher ala Domoto Tsuyoshi
Tsuyoshi got unexpected reaction while approaching Sly & the Family stone?
Makihara-san loves butter
so with Koichi-san
Tsuyoshi-san too...
Now I know there's such best butter like Échiré Butter. I do like Orchid butter ^^
The talk about ebifurai..
makes someone desperately want to have it...
hoping that the staff would buy it for him ^^
Takamiza-san who also fans of Star Wars^^
Hata Motohiro as the guest
I just love to see these men look to one direction
we're lucky to get this HQ version, only (download)
The guest for next week is Kaho. It's her second time in SDK.  And Tsuyoshi-san is still in flowery theme^^'

ゆず胡椒 (yuzu koshou) is a citrus pepper? (reference: 1, 2)
給料 (きゅうりょう) = salary, remuneration
祖母(そぼ)= grandmother
エシレ パター (Échiré Butter) was said the best butter in the world xD

Friday, January 21, 2011

Japan best-selling singles

Don't ask me xD
Well, this came up while watching SDK with Makihara Noriyuki-san. I haven't finished watch the show yet..

I know 7 songs from the list, except Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun, Onna no Michi, and Dango 3 kyodai.
It's funny that Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun and Dango 3 kyoudai were sort of children songs? Cute songs^^'
If I'm not mistaken, Tsuyoshi-san sung a little part of Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun in DK?  
And Dango 3 kyoudai makes me remember of sankyoudai that consist of Yoko, Subaru, and Yasu xD

I wonder what songs would be up there if the year extended to 2010 ;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love Fighter 2011.01.17

source: XQ

ko wa itsu made tatte mo
ko de aru you ni
oya mo mata
itsu made tatte mo oya de aru
ko no kokoro ga itameba
oya no kokoro mo bai itaku
sono oyagokoro o kanjireba
ko no kokoro mo mata bai itamu
kazoku tte ii mono da ne

Until forever
Child will always be a child
and a parent also
will always be a parent
If the child's heart gets hurt
The parent will feel the painful even more
If the child can feel the parent's affection 
The child's heart will feel even more painful
"Family" is such a precious thing ne

I'm not sure with my interprets ^^'

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SDK 2011.01.09 - K

The guest was K-san. K (Kang Yoon-sung) is a Korean singer.
This year he has to fulfill his 2 years military service, so he will be in hiatus until he come back.
I haven't properly watch this show... so, this is just some interesting caps and gifs.
I noticed that Koichi said Johnny-san was watching the show? O.o

psssttt, Tsuyoshi-san has pimple?
Tsuyoshi-san did a pretty job as usual ^^
K-san drawing as bad as Koichi-san ^^;
though Koichi-san praised himself, his drawing is perfect!

Takamizawa-san and the others agreed that it looks like a mouse instead xD
see what I mean?
Some bits:
- If I'm not mistaken, they have new member talk now;
Shinji Takeda-san
and Haruka from HALCALI

Oyasuminasai~ *pray that I will win the bids*

Their drawings over Kyoko Fukada^^

Baby Star snack CM - Crouquette edition

These are the lines from the CMs.
Prince Koichi:
1. 光一さんの告白「(僕は)篇」
 「昨日 スーパーで
おやつコロッケ を買ってきたあなたを、
kinou supaa de
oyatsu korokke o kattekita anata wa,
boku wa

2. 光一さんの告白「(いまどこに)篇」
 「昨日 スーパーで
おやつコロッケ を買ってきたあなた○○○
いま, どこにいますか?」
kinou supaa de
oyatsu korokke o kattekita anata...
ima, doko ni imasu ka?

Prince Tsuyoshi:
1. 剛さんのつぶやき「(コンビにって)篇」
 「今日 近所のコンビニに、
 おやつコロッケ を買いに来ました○○○
kyou kinjo no kombini ni
oyatsu korokke o kai ni kimashita...
kombini tte... benri deshou ne...

2. 剛さんのつぶやき「(明日なんて)篇」
 「今日 コンビニで
あなたはおやつコロッケ を買わなかった○○○
kyou kombini de
anata wa oyatsu korokke o kawanakatta...
kyou katte hoshikatta...
ashita nante...
ko nai kamoshirenai...

So, go buy the snack, and you'll get prince Koichi's hug!^^'

Why it's Tsuyoshi's tsubuyaki? I never forget the word tsubuyaki after Koichi-san and twitter thing (SDK with HALCALI was the guest) (^_^;)


Looks yummy~~
Two flavors: korokke potato and korokke curry.  If it's not contain any pork, then I'd like to try them xD

Brown Family muffler?

Found it here

She said she bought it at Johnnys shop O.o
Eeh?? I think brown is nice since white would be easy to get stained or gets dirty in our tropical country xD

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Baby Star snack CM - Crouquette


Prince Koichi  version: 光ーさんの告白 (Koichi-san's confession)

Prince Tsuyoshi version: 剛さんのつぶやき (Tsuyoshi-san's murmur)
Get the CM here: cm01 | cm02 | cm03 | cm04

What is dinosaurs doing out there?


I don't have any more idea on how to get the goods. It's too cheap if I asked those online seller. I mean the delivery shipping would be way troublesome. Why I want it so badly?? *poke my head*

Tonight SDK is aired the first time in 2011. The guest is K-san. There will be a drawing contest..I saw Koichi's drawing..and I wonder it's...Pan? Ah, it's Pan's tanjoubi today? Omedetou pan-chan~ Take care of your master ne^^'
I can't wait until any download link for this show. Jya, oyasuminasai~

hmm, why I can't access the babystar website??

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Funky White Dragon - MC talk in English part 2

Okay, this talk write down from disc 2 (LE). Go here for part 1.

K = Kerry
A = audience

After Sora ga nakukara.

K: Thanks for coming today.
Between the time when I was..
..18 and 23 years old,
I was very shaken and scared.
I was scared of love.
And people kindness and the way people are cunning.
All those things...
...swept me.
My heart got grabbed and dug around.
And got fooled.
It was the time when I was confused of life,
of how I should go on.
I got scared...
...even of my own family.
I got scared of all my friends.
But during all those times,
they gave me love.
And shown me kindness.
But I stood there confused.
Without knowing where I was.
Those were times when I was totally confused.
But the one thing that saved me in those days was music.
How strange.
Because music is made out of love in people.
I was afraid of love, yet love is what creates music.
What I felt...
...was paradox.
But it made me want to try to slowly reach out.
To touch and feel love.
So that became my life.
I thought to myself.
Me, as one person.
Me, as one artist.
What message do I want to send out?
I listened to myself and realized.
What I had to give was love.
It is love that keep us going.
Without love, we die.
As hard as we may try,
love can never be neglected.
In my past,
I met so many people.
And lost so many friends.
That's life.
And the tears I shed with each experiences.
I remember them all.

>> read more