Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tsu has drama!

Can you believe it? Our fish boy has a drama this year!!

Check out the website here: There's even has a teaser trailer.
I can't even believe my eyes to see Johnny's boy picture in it! Has the changed so much now??
Nevermind.  Well, how come the image reminds me of Natsuo hugging Yukie instead??

I don't wanna talk about the story right now.  It's heart breaking for me.  I'm sure will watch the drama, though. But.. *sigh*

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Promising actor to dote on ^^;

I hardly believe myself when I wrote this, here.. Believe me, I almost chocked myself ^^;
As I mentioned before that I got hooked on the two of his dramas.. then there's the news that he will come to the city for his fansmeeting.. Wth? In the end, for the sake of my subordinate who forced me to note him and my curiosity, I followed the news.
Wow, he's surprisingly..impressive! Since JDG, I hardly interested in any other actor this far.  Not as far as I was with Mr.J, but it's close? xD
Thru his acting, now I still haven't move on from his last two dramas *sigh*

Anyway, this is from the fansmeeting in Jakarta.

source: KCA_ID @twitter via baidu
Detailed what's inside the fansmeeting can be read at this tumblr [] (I find this site is nicely informed xD). Add that you may take a look yourself thru video here:

This boy is so dearly to his fans and people surround him. How can people not love him? I'm amazed on how he quickly response thru that fansmeeting. Very interesting person.
I have to make myself stop here. Look forward to your next project, Kim SooHyeon!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


It's pretty saddening to read and watch the news.
Rest in peace for the victims.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Recently watched drama~

I am currently hooked with this actor, 김수현 b.1988).
Started with 'My love from another star' drama (2014) then I watched 'The moon that embraces the sun' (2012).  His two movies (Secretly Greatly and The Thieves) are in the waiting list.

I heard him before while Song Joong-ki was active.  He's been compared with Joongki several times.  So, I wondered about him.  But only this time I found my time.  Not too interested at first, by his 'weird' hairdo looks, but soon after 1 episode, I wanna know more about him.  He can play even with Jeon Ji-Hyun!  Yes, that Jeon-JiHyun (My Sassy Girl).  

The drama itself was amazing, I must say.  Good story, good casts, good acting, lovely bgm's.  Superb!  Jeon Ji-hyun is awesome.  This role is definitely for her.  I'm in love with Cheon Song-yi~ xD
And this is epic!
I couldn't help but laughed out loud! Alien?

Then, I remember this drama 'The moon that embraces the sun' that I have seen a little but I dropped it.  I only managed to watch 1 episode.  I think real life took my time.
Anyway, back to the drama.  This drama is 10 out of 10!
Good story, good casts, good acting. Superb! 
Sungkyunkwan Scandal has been in my smartphone for almost a year.  Since the space is limited, it can't help but replaced by The moon already xD
What am I supposed to say? This actor, Kim Soo-hyeon is the star.  He dominated the drama by his wonderful acting.  That's what it's all about, good acting.  I'm in love with his acting.  
It's seems that I talked more about him rather than the drama itself, eh? xD
Anyway, he really portrayed a decent king very well.
Make a nice pair with Han Ga-in, and make a good companion with his bodyguard and his palace attendant.
This king is sturdy, straight forward, quite high tempered, yet playful and emotional.  I must say, he's good in crying and it makes me crying as well xD
I love all the dialogues; the logical on how the king tried to solve the case.  The world when mobile phone is no exist yet.  What am I talking about?  I love everything, every character in this drama except for the ministers.  I even don't hate the queen nor the grandmother. Just hate those ministers.
Anyway, it's highly recommended drama.  Needs some patience for those who is not familiar with saeguk, though.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

The highest record has broken on Immortal Song 2!

Jung DongHa's name can't be separated from the show "Immortal Song 2".  Even though he's not present, his name somehow mentioned.  On this week episode for instance.  His name was mentioned as one of the 3 worst dancers on the show *LOL* Indeed, but don't be sad, DongHa-ssi, I don't mind that at all! xDD
Second time.. well, this is kinda sad..but above all that, I'm glad from certain view.  Someone broke his highest record on the show! Jung DongHa's record on 439 has broken! It was Kim JongSeo who set the highest record now with 442! *applause*.  That's why I'm glad.  He deserved it, really.

As expected from a (legendary)rocker, don't you think? ^^'

DongHa-ssi, you have a homework now xDD  442 is only 3 votes^^;
I think, it would be interesting if the 3 rockers, JDH, Kim Bada and KJS have to compete in one ep.  Should I look forward to it? xD

Anyway, I haven't finished watching the episode.. my mom changed the channel.  Will anyone broke the record later on the show?

KJS record has been broken!! 445 by Gummy!
What happened??
This episode is nuts!!
I'll be back~

Ok, the record stopped at 445 xD
V.O.S gave the fun performance.
If I bet Ju Jyun-Mi is delighted with this ep. xD

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Jung Dong-ha on IS2 - Kim Kwang-seok episode

He appeared again in Immortal Song 2 on Kim Kwang-seok episode.
He was the first performer. Introduced as 'homme fatale on stage' xD
Amazing performance, I must say.. though he had to lose to ALi. But I think he was the best for this episode *applause*
What I like about him is how he convey the song/lyric to the audience.  He make a song sound live, sound grand and unforgettable!  He has talent and capability to do so.  A true performer!
I like how KBS take a shoot some (male)audience who sang along with JDH.  It is as it is.  I think KKS will proud of him xD

I just found this, from his part at Notre Dame musical.


Sunday, February 02, 2014

Why are you so good?

He admitted himself!

and see what others comments:
homme fatale!

As they all say, JDH performed the song very good! To me, who don't understand old Korean song..come to like the song after this performance ^^;
That's why I've never tired to watch and listen to his performance in Immortal Song 2!
I also recommend performance of Kim Bada and Baek JiYoung.  Baek JiYoung is really queen of ballad song! Yes, she's that good! She made an old song like her own song like some nowadays drama ost xD