Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adidas CM in mp4

Thanks to fufu from johnnys-net for sharing the CM in mp4.

I hope she don't mind I re-up it in MF :: here :: (544 x 416)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

「24CH△NNEL」, mada owarimasen~

【24CH△NNEL】#20 20100224

♪ 江ノ電 ~
Enoden is Enoshima Electric Railway
When I check the site, suddenly I recognize something.. apparently Tsuyoshi was went there at Enoshima Aquarium to take a photo shoot for [si:] Album jacket in 2004.

The theme was 「24CH△NNEL」の中吊り広告を作る。 If I'm not mistaken, Tsuyoshi wants to make a hanging mobile advertising for 「24CH△NNEL」. note: 中吊り = nakatsuri.

So, they met someone, a Kohkoku creator, Sano Kenjiro-san (I'm not sure but there's this site and kohkoku literaaly means 'advertising').
And apparently he was the one behind au KDDI LISMO character?
Later on they met with Enoden commercial staff.  So, Tsuyoshi lurk around to see some Enoden commercial ads.

Mada owarimasen *hiks*

Now they all heading to the electric train, and along the way, they discussed about how Tsuyoshi wants the ad presented/concept.
Ups, I spotted someone out there (that I'm very sure) tried to take Tsuyoshi picture by his phone cell xD

Tsuyoshi wants something that can create a shocking impact(?), a blast.
He pray for the wording inspiration..

Well, another iro iro distractions had happened while they were talking^^'

Shocking announcement...

Tsuyoshi is really an easy artist to get close with, and parents wants their kids to meet Tsu xD
first fan

second fan

third fan

I sure gonna miss those Engrish sentences..

Once again, toilet episode :p

Opening song recording.(what opening?)

This is the sketch he drew for the nakatsuri(?).  I wonder why he would like to advertise an ending announcement? Or do I get it wrong?
The sketch he drew for the nakatsuri.

and the message is:
It's alright to give up your dream.
but You still can fulfill your hope.
I'm having trouble to understand those sentences..

Even Sano-san looks bitter :(
Well, I look forward to the nakatsuri~ and the rest of 24CHANNEL episodes...

hohoo new adidas sneaker^^'

江 (e; koo) = river
電 (den) = electric
広告 (kohkoku) = advertising
中吊り (nakatsuri) = hanging mobile advertising
島 (shima) = island
海 (umi) = sea
夢 (yume) = dream
希望 (kibou) = hope

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

『24CH△NNEL』 to be ended??

source: oricon/glocaly



[24CH△NNEL] by the 3/31  is the end of the broadcast. (From monthly TV magazine). NO!!!! (babelfish)
Possibility of a new program starting April? No idea.. T_T T_T

So far, the show broadcast until 20 episodes, and he hasn't fully done all the 100 wishes.
I love the show so much~


Not only Nakai, Machi too...^^'

and that makes you sweat, Tsuyoshi-san? :p

Some other gifs from previous domoto kyoudai

I think Koichi has pretty handwriting..

Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Someone stole Tsuyoshi kiss!!

from 24CHANNEL #019 20100217
Location: Berlin, Tokyo, Niigata

I think Tsuyoshi was in Berlin due to work, so 24CHANNEL staffs couldn't go with him.
So, they sent him a letter (for the next episode of the program?).  Since this is special time, with so many snow around, the staff suggest him to make a "kamakura", so he can have "piroon" thing in this moment. (am I correct? I'm rather confused here^^')

Kamakura is held during the winter. Kamakura means Snow Hut and it is celebrated in Yokote. The children build small round huts of snow, where the children play and eat. They cover the floor with thick straw mat called tatami and put candles on a shelf that is craved into a wall. The girls take their shoe off and then put on slippers and wrap themselves with warm quilts. The fireplace is for cooking soup or boiling water for tea. They heat small rice cakes over a little charcoal stove. Parents or neighbors visit them. They offer the guests rice cakes and sips of tea or rice wine. Then the visitors leaves coins or fruits for return. (source)

For a start, they joke about Snow Country?  It's mean this Snow Country. So, to have this done, they went to Minamiuonuma city at Niigata prefecture, one of the Snow Country in Japan, at Muikamachi onsen.
They met this guy (...), in which he has a kamakura, a standard one I suppose.
note: It's 3-4℃
I can't imagine how to live in those snow.  Surrounding by all white looks scary to me, already. The government surely has to give fully support for their citizen who live in the snow country. The electricity that almost 24 hours on, I supposed.  The heater. The food and water supply, and other primary things *I'm still trying to imagine all that*
Our host has been thinking about making a "sankaku kamakura".  So, they began.
First is to draw the area on the snow using the foot.  Second, pile up the snow.  Third, dig the hole.

Dekitaa! It took 4 hours to finish it. adding some more touch and walaa.. sankaku kamakura cafe~

Before that, they enter the hotel to make "Muikamachi mochi tsuki"...

and have the mochi inside sankaku kamakura cafe xD

Tsuyoshi made the child convulsed in a laughter..

and he/she gave him a kiss on the lips!^^'

I would like to thank rainbow_dragon for the narration, so I can have better understanding the kanji and such :)

かまくら (kamakura) = pillow (literally)
雪国 (yukikuni) - snow country

It seems that this is the site of the hotel?  They wrote something regarding sankaku kamakura.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mushroom, monkey, mustache

from the latest DK 20100214, with Nishino Kana as the guest.
Just enjoy the gifs :)

Oh, Kana song is nice (:

ズボン (zubon) = pants, trousers
ボトムス (bottoms) = pants