Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tsu has drama!

Can you believe it? Our fish boy has a drama this year!!

Check out the website here: There's even has a teaser trailer.
I can't even believe my eyes to see Johnny's boy picture in it! Has the changed so much now??
Nevermind.  Well, how come the image reminds me of Natsuo hugging Yukie instead??

I don't wanna talk about the story right now.  It's heart breaking for me.  I'm sure will watch the drama, though. But.. *sigh*

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Promising actor to dote on ^^;

I hardly believe myself when I wrote this, here.. Believe me, I almost chocked myself ^^;
As I mentioned before that I got hooked on the two of his dramas.. then there's the news that he will come to the city for his fansmeeting.. Wth? In the end, for the sake of my subordinate who forced me to note him and my curiosity, I followed the news.
Wow, he's surprisingly..impressive! Since JDG, I hardly interested in any other actor this far.  Not as far as I was with Mr.J, but it's close? xD
Thru his acting, now I still haven't move on from his last two dramas *sigh*

Anyway, this is from the fansmeeting in Jakarta.

source: KCA_ID @twitter via baidu
Detailed what's inside the fansmeeting can be read at this tumblr [] (I find this site is nicely informed xD). Add that you may take a look yourself thru video here:

This boy is so dearly to his fans and people surround him. How can people not love him? I'm amazed on how he quickly response thru that fansmeeting. Very interesting person.
I have to make myself stop here. Look forward to your next project, Kim SooHyeon!