Wednesday, March 28, 2012

L'Arc at New York

Hyde looking at the billboard at Madison square xD

This pic was posted by Oishi Mashiro on his twitter but, it seems removed later?

News repo about the concert:


I can't wait!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Really quite...

It's been a while since my last post.
Lack of staff at work for almost a month really put me lost in fandom world.
Not really lost, since I still updated with SDK every week.. recent doramas.. well, I'm into western's series, SHERLOCK now ^^'.

We solves crimes, I blog about it, and he forget his pants.

Can't wait for my dvd and season 3!

What a weird post xD

Friday, March 02, 2012

SHAMANIPPON first Album!

Finally, an album!
The title is 「shamanippon~ラカチノトヒ~」
Release date: 2012.04.11

There are 3 versions..

Limited A (3 discs)
cost around ¥4900
Disc 1: live version of "Eni wo Yuite," "shamanippon - Kuni no Uta," and more songs.
1・shamanippon ~くにのうた
2・に ひ
4・一鼓動 ~1 beat
5・Mind light bluesonly in limited A
7・I'm you You're me
8・…ラカチノトヒ –sun arrangeonly in limited A 
9・ only in limited A )
10・縁を結いて –live arrange ver

Disc 2: instrumental tracks

Disc 3: DVD music videos of 8 instrumental tracks created with world-famous creators & album making (50 mins).
Comes with a 68-page booklet.

Limited B (3 discs)
cost around ¥4000
Disc 1:
1・shamanippon ~くにのうた
2・に ひ
3・ひとからなにかへと( in limited B & regular )
6・一鼓動 ~1 beat
7・I'm you You're me
8・SUNK you( only in limited B )
9・縁を結いて –live arrange ver

Disc 2: instrumental tracks (see above)

Disc 3: dvd of music video of “shamanippon ~くにのうた” & the making of MV (tentative)

Regular (1 disc)
cost around ¥3000
Track list:
1・shamanippon ~くにのうた
2・に ひ
3・The next dimension( only in regular ver )
4・ひとからなにかへと(in limited B & regular)
6・I'm you You’re me
8・一鼓動 ~1 beat
9・…ラカチノトヒ –moon arrange(  only in regular ver  )
10・TUKUFUNK(  only in regular ver  )
11・縁を結いて –live arrange ver

Comes with a 16-page jacket.


There's an event (kind of talk show). Further info: or (mobile access)

Which one should I buy? O.o