Saturday, February 28, 2009

『エンドリケリー LIVE DVD』 promotion board

Something really pissed me off, but looking at oricon/glocaly about the promotion board for the DVD...

I wonder the jacket for the DVD would be the same xD

*feel exciting now*

Thursday, February 26, 2009

from Shindoi#305 20090225 - Yonekura Ryoko

It's a fun episode, really... and surprisingly I noticed another thing...
Enjoy the overly cuteness! (Tsuyo as in his earlier twenties^^')

Their relationship are pretty close, as it seems^^'

Our Tsuyo is so petite (yeah, how many times I've said it?^^')

eh, I don't remember this one. A new illustration?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

from SDK 2009.02.22 with Minamisawa Nao

I enjoyed this episode. Even though the guest was quite, calm girl, but both KinKi silly acts were always around.
It's just me or Koichi getting frequently teasing Fukakyon lately..

Some old songs previewed at the recent Domoto Kyoudai. I fond of old songs^^'

翼をください (Tsubasa o kudasai) by 黒い瞳 (Kaori Kawamura)

少年時代 (Shounen jidai) by 井上陽水 (Inoue Yousui)
*uploading* something's wrong with the file cause it failed many times I tried :(

TOMORROW by 岡本真夜 (Okamoto Mayo)

Tsuyoshi poem

From ポポロ/POPOLO (April 2009) 剛くんの連載 「命音-メイオン-」

After many thoughts
still, I was there

After keep erasing,still, I was there

After all the hatred,
still, I was there

me who look ahead now, I have the love and all of you

[the written kanji are taken from since1997, picture thanks to Asir]

I have help from google translator.
Of course, it's far from accurate referring to the poem. I just can't wait for those who can read nihon go to translate them.
Anyway, I like the photos and the poem related to them.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


2 years ago, it was a no way for me to have this colorful thing. It seems that someone had a big influence on me^^'

note: It's not a LeSportsac, but a local-made imitation? The label titled 'pink kiss', though^^'
I just notice this LeSportsac look alike thing. Nowadays, everyone have it in any forms.. I had no idea it's a branded ones. Is that mean it's illegal thing?

ソメイヨシノ from 「エンドリケリー LIVE DVD」

uploaded by ta28244~


Friday, February 20, 2009

White Dragon from『エンドリケリー LIVE DVD』

Finally, the preview of 244 ENDLI-x「White Dragon from『エンドリケリー LIVE DVD』」.

uploaded by nikigurlz

and my impression is... the video is too dark. It has some kind of red or blue tone (other snapshot it has blue tone), perhaps that's why.
Anyway, I like the performance. 「White Dragon」 is one of my fave too and for some reason, the live performance is way much better. I still couldn't get on what he pronounce though, but the music is very nice. More over, the part he played the guitar at the end. It was just awesome~ Though I have no skill on playing guitar, I think he improved a lot compare to his previous performances. It's simply cool! *thumbs up*

Today it will aired another performance from the Live, 「ソメイヨシノ」. My other favorite song~
Can't wait to see the whole Live DVD *_*

note: I really hope there'll be Taiwan version (DVD ver.3) for this Live DVD.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

update from エンドリケリー LIVE DVD

source: oricon/glocaly

tonight => M-ON!(24:00~24:20)サキドリ!」
→1曲目:244 ENDLI-x「White Dragon from『エンドリケリー LIVE DVD』」

2/20(金) => SSTV(15:00~16:00)「MEGA HITS」
10曲目:ソメイヨシノ from DVD「エンドリケリー LIVE DVD」/244 ENDLI-x

I'd like to see! *_*

『堂本剛と頭のなか』 more update

The news about the fashion book 『堂本剛と頭のなか』came out. The details as follow:

Release date: March 10th, 2009
Price: 1,850¥
Format: AB format (wide format) / average book-binding/112 pages
Special bonus: 「堂本剛オリジナルイラストステッカー」 -> Domoto Tsuyoshi original illustration sticker (wonder what it is!)
First edition for limited only: 「東京さん」 -> Tokyo san (?) illustration card for selected 1000 people (I have no idea what it is, but lucky them -_-)

*my decision is....*

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

from DK#3 2009.02.08 - Hamada Britney

So many subbed DKs and other interesting shows, yet I have no time to get them all at the time being T_T

I paused the hectic time just for this one...

The guest, Hamada Britney (20 years old) is really something. A mangaka, that always carrying her pink suitcase everywhere^^ Not to mention her way of speaking^^'

I don't understand much, but there's love love moments^^'

I'm dying to know what this is all about!


I think both KinKi looks great in this episode. Yucali looks prettier each time^^'
and oh, I think Fukakyon wearing the same dress as the previous DK (don't worry it's not a bad thing afterall xD).

Ok, back to my own paper works... T_T T_T T_T

PS: read from fluffy's LJ about other upcoming project from Endli-san in about a month after the DVD release... what are you doing, Tsuyoshi??
Ah, it reminds me to pre-order the DVD first. Reminds me to pay Sita-chan for the [si:] DVD :P

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Everybody is a Star - Sly and The Family Stone

Ok, to my satisfaction, I found the original song of Sly and The Family Stone 'Everybody is a Star' that Tsuyoshi hummed on Shindoi (refer to the previous post here).

(must login on imeem to listen to the full song)

Sly & the Family Stone Lyrics
Everybody Is A Star Lyrics

from 2009.02.07 FUNKY SPACE SICKNESS

I'm trying to figure the latest FUNKY SPACE SICKNESS - 02.07.009 (from oricon/glocaly).
Tsuyoshi spoke a bit about the upcoming DVD. The title would be 『エンドリケリー LIVE DVD』 (Endlicheri Live DVD) under the name 244 Endli-x. The content of the DVD would be recordings from:
- 19 April 2008 @ Nara Centennial Hall,
- 28 April 2008 @ Osaka Jo Hall,
- 21 May 2008 @ Akasaka BLITZ, and
- 26 May 2008 「WATERIZE」 event.
It will be included the documentary shot regarding the works, fashion and art (? babelfish says so).
He seemed plan to sell the DVD for ¥700^^'

At the end, he played a preview for 『OH LORD!』 from the Live DVD (listen to the song ♪ here, thanks to 244ENDLI-xs)

The track list are:


1. 空が泣くから
2. Blue Berry
3. White DRAGON
4. 傷の上には赤いBLOOD
5. 闇喰いWind
6. Say Anything
7. Help Me Help Me…
8. Let's Get FUNKASY!!!
9. 闇喰いWind
10. Chance Comes Knocking.
11. Blue Berry
12. Gotta find the way to go!
13. Silent love
14. Say Anything
15. プロポーズダンシング
16. Kurikaesu 春
17. Yellow
18. SPACE Kiss
19. White DRAGON
20. 傷の上には赤いBLOOD
21. Silent love
22. Love is the key
23. Let's Get FUNKASY!!!
24. 愛 get 暴動 世界!!!
25. White DRAGON
26. ソメイヨシノ
27. 春 涙
28. OH LORD!
29. Chance Comes Knocking.


  1. WATERIZE & Tour Documentary


I haven't place my order for the DVD. Will wait for a while...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

from Shindoi#301 - Nagase Tomoya

*as the anonymous request, wonder who you are..but I think you must knew me xD*
The episode has been subbed :: here ::

This is my own interpret anyway^^'

Interesting guest...

Apparently Nagase has a project to promote, Heaven's Door.

They're going to ride this Maserati car (the similar one Nagase used in Heaven's Door)

They were asked to take a snapshot of the food counter... and Tsuyoshi being evil for keep driving it fast and here's what he got xD

Having the meal (it's baked onigiri after all^^') and sat on the sand beach (again, resemble Heaven's Door scene..)

Taking Tsuyoshi picture from aside..

taking automatic picture

180cm vs 166cm

again, Tsuyoshi on Nagase capture

Please forgive my KKL mood/imaginary for this part...
244 target: Ichigo~

turned to Nagase for noticing that he shot ichigo..

and the big guy said "ii na~"

the he aimed for the second ichigo~

served themselves for tako senbei, quite interesting~

Your umai expression looks umai, Tsuyoshi^^'

This dish looks pretty..

ups, one incident^^'

ice cream with anchovy as the topping? though I like anchovy, but on ice cream? euww..

having this dish at Italian restaurant. The sky still bright, and they're ate 5 meals already! Watch your weight, 244!

later on, they're having guitar session, singing wth own song. My fave part, though^^

Nagase sang lyric using articles on a magazine lol. But, it's good, anyhow^^'

our boy smiling widely..that's nice to see~


That's all because I have to go to bed zzzZZZ