Sunday, March 02, 2014

The highest record has broken on Immortal Song 2!

Jung DongHa's name can't be separated from the show "Immortal Song 2".  Even though he's not present, his name somehow mentioned.  On this week episode for instance.  His name was mentioned as one of the 3 worst dancers on the show *LOL* Indeed, but don't be sad, DongHa-ssi, I don't mind that at all! xDD
Second time.. well, this is kinda sad..but above all that, I'm glad from certain view.  Someone broke his highest record on the show! Jung DongHa's record on 439 has broken! It was Kim JongSeo who set the highest record now with 442! *applause*.  That's why I'm glad.  He deserved it, really.

As expected from a (legendary)rocker, don't you think? ^^'

DongHa-ssi, you have a homework now xDD  442 is only 3 votes^^;
I think, it would be interesting if the 3 rockers, JDH, Kim Bada and KJS have to compete in one ep.  Should I look forward to it? xD

Anyway, I haven't finished watching the episode.. my mom changed the channel.  Will anyone broke the record later on the show?

KJS record has been broken!! 445 by Gummy!
What happened??
This episode is nuts!!
I'll be back~

Ok, the record stopped at 445 xD
V.O.S gave the fun performance.
If I bet Ju Jyun-Mi is delighted with this ep. xD