Sunday, December 28, 2008

from Shindoi #037 20030709 with YOU

Another long post.

Apparently date with YOU is quite interesting. Perhaps since she's considered as Tsuyoshi friend, so the talk and such is naturally easy.

In this episode, it's You first appearance as the guest. If not mistaken, their first met was in Domoto Kyoudai around a year ago.

Since the beginning, You already in the giggling atmosphere. Started from Tsuyoshi's strips poncho, that I found very nice.

then to Tsuyoshi's manicure nails.

or maybe because Tsuyoshi looks just too cute that day *you may ignore what I'm talking*
Tsuyoshi asked himself whether he's easily being teased ^^' *I guess you are*

Somehow, after read the menu...

the laugh was..

unstoppable ^^'

and Tsuyoshi afraid this won't be a date at all..

first spot date is taking a boat

second spot date is having gyoza at this resto.

Who can finished it by themselves??

third spot date is Alice at Roppongi.

I can't stop laughing here xD xD xD

He sure is doki doki~

my laugh continue ...

Tsuyoshi said this is the first time he was in that kind of place, and the girls reaction was..


YOU asked the girls how they see Tsuyoshi as a man.
The girls answered...
Tsuyoshi said they were too close to him.

but, they moved closer instead xD *naughty girls^^*

Don't know what to do,

Tsuyoshi keep drinking (water of course) and

eating (the snacks)

while YOU can't help laughing at him^^'

and he wonder why everyone didn't noticed his tired face

change the girls!

Karaoke time. Tsuyo seemed not enjoyed it at first, but

Mr.Children song 抱きしめたい seems..

he sang it wholeheartedly^^'

saved by the bell :P


Saturday, December 27, 2008

『約束』 Promotion + a trivial?

source: oricon/glocaly

The sign board at Harajuku Station.

A friend pointed out the 3 dots in KinKi Kids, that the each dot position is getting higher. Any certain meaning?
My guess is.. one dot, two dot, three dot -> 3 ● = 30? They both will enter 30 years old next year ^^'
What do you have in mind?

Friday, December 26, 2008

from Shindoi #259 20080319 - YOU

The episode was a re-do the TV-Asahi program title ちい散歩 (Chii Sanpo) hosted by Takeshi Chii.

Tsuyoshi as the host and YOU-san as the cameraman.

So, the theme for this episode is つよ散歩 (Tsuyo Sanpo)

Shall we begin then?

First, it's a fact that Tsuyo was sick! He got flu, quite bad. I don't understand why he can't cancelled/postponed the shoot. His voice, his swollen eyes.. poor him. Even though, he still looks genki.
Oh, Tsuyo also carrying this so called ちいちいバッグ (Chi Chi Bag) that contain all regarding painter tools.

the bag cost around ¥16,000? ^^'

They started to walk from Shoshigaya station, passed on Ultraman corner (I don't know clearly about the spot). I wonder how come people still adore Ultraman though they've grown up. I used to watch the series on TV when I was a kid, but not really fond of it. I like Google-V the most xD

I can't imagine to meet and talk with him casually...

Meet kawaii little girl at the park

and make a propose to her ^^'

Have a lunch with Pecking duck & duck soup


passing by the river

it's amazing that you can still see ducks swimming on the river..

Feeding the crews^^'

Stopped by at this cake shop

The cake shop put a board that contain photos of birthday cakes they made for 芸能人 (geinoujin= artist/entertainer).

look closer..
The next Tsuyoshi birthday cake is seemed to be Kimura Takuya birthday cake.

Maple creme and purple cake looks yummy~

!! Stag-beetle?

Calculated the walk

Mission accomplished!
It's a healthy walk to do. I felt healthy already just by watching it^^'
Though I think the foods they ate is exceeding the calories they spent for the walk xD