Friday, June 22, 2007

[Snapshots] Sneak peak Utaban guest: Kanjani 8

Here's a sneak peak from Utaban 7 June 2007, since I haven't finished download them.. big big files ne~ It's seems funny, but poor Kanjani 8 members^^

Eh, Ryo-chan, you really dye your hair eh? Yeah, I saw him like this on Shindoi before, but I thought it's just for one short time :D

Gosh Nakai-kun! You looks damn good!!

[Pic] Endlicheri☆Endlicheri Kaze to Rock Scans

Scans belongs to usami-chan~
These two, I like most. For many more pictures, you can visit her LJ :)

[drama] Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari - Yesterday Park

Ok, finally.. Thank you for sharing, SummerSnow and NewS fansubbing.


Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari - Yesterday Park (2/10/2006)

Starring: Koichi Domoto

This is a sad story.. I remember the western series long time ago, Twilight Zone.
Anyway.. ahh this is sad.. how do you feel when you found out that a good friend of yours will die today and there's nothing you can do to prevent it happened? It's hard and it's more sad.

The message I got was:
Died is in God's hand, for sure..
Treat your friends, as well as your family, like there's no tomorrow..

Snapshots time~

Koichi looks good^^


Koichi papa? Uchi no husband? ^^



HMV cancelled my order again T_T

Oh, and one more thing.. what's wrong with Multiply today? I can't access :(


From Multiply:

"Multiply is temporarily unavailable as we perform site maintenance.

We apologize for the inconvenience and expect the site to be available very shortly.
Thank you for your patience!"

I guess with now many using Multiply, they're getting busy..

[News] TELEVIEWS / TV offers potential magic

Your info for upcoming dorama.


This week Televiews toasts the magic of TV and its power to show you things you never thought you'd see.

Had enough of this spring's dreary school dramas with their overriding emphasis on bullying? Ready for some light-hearted campus entertainment? Well, here comes Hana Zakari no Kimitachi e--Ikemen Paradaisu (To You in Full Bloom--Ikemen Paradise, July 3, 9 p.m., Fuji network), a series I'm downright eager to check out.

Maki Horikita stars as a Japanese returnee from the United States who disguises herself as a boy to attend an all-male, live-in academy full of "ikemen" (good-looking guys). Not only will this series give viewers a chance to analyze what qualifies as "ikemen" nowadays, but the casting will provide veteran expats a few chuckles. You see, the principal of this all-guys high school will be none other than that 1980s idol sensation and consummate entertainment world survivor Seiko Matsuda. Yes, Seiko plays the "kocho sensei."

They say if you live long enough, you'll see almost everything, but I never thought I'd see the day Seiko would be cast as a secondary school principal. Yet a series that attempts this has got to have some redeeming comedy value, right? I'm tuning in.

For real fantasy, TBS offers up every parent's dream.

What parents haven't wished to get inside their teenager's head to figure out just what is going on in there. Who hasn't wished the kids could understand how hard it is to be a parent? Papa to Musume no Nanoka Kan (Seven Days for Dad and Daughter, starting 9 p.m., July 1) does just that.

It's the classic Japanese "tenkosei" plot wherein the girl's brain inhabits the guy's body and vice versa. But the plot takes on a generational twist when dad (Hiroshi Tachi) and his rebellious daughter (Yui Aragaki) switch bodies and learn to understand each other.

Talking of dads, Father's Day is coming up. Who is the entertainment world star TV Gaido readers thought would make the best dad? The magazine's survey winner is: comedian Joji Tokoro.

The rest of the summer lineup is more predictable. In the sequels category, Takanori Jinnai returns as Beat Takeshi's dad in yet another rendering of Kikujiro to Saki (Kikujiro and Saki, Thursdays, 9 p.m., TV Asahi network). In the gourmet drama department, Koichi Domoto of Kinki Kids plays the prince of raw fish in Sushi Oji (Sushi Prince, Fridays, 11:15 p.m., TV Asahi network). TV viewers wishing to escape hot and humid Honshu can spend the summer with six agricultural university students on a Hokkaido farm in Fuji TV's Ushi ni Negai o: Rabu ando Famu (Wish Upon Cow: Love and Farm, 10 p.m., Tuesdays, starting July 3, 10:10 p.m.).

And if you can't decide what to send for midyear gifts, you might like to browse through the department store scenario starting July 5 on Fuji at 10 p.m. But be forewarned, it will reflect local TV's usual fixation with physical attributes. Tentatively and pathetically titled Yama Onna, Kabe Onna (Voluptuous Woman, Flat-chested Woman), it stars Misaki Ito as a fashionable, talented employee whose only problem is a complex about her chest size that is complicated by the arrival of a voluptuous new employee. Discovering how they intend to magically fashion a 10-week plot out of that scenario may be the only attraction.

And here's a bit of pleasant magic: Takako Tokiwa, one of Japan's most talented actresses, returns to the small screen Saturday night in Gyokuran (9:00-11:06 p.m., TV Asahi network). Frustrated in career and love, she travels to Shanghai to find her future and discovers her family's past as well. Anything with Tokiwa in it is worth a glance.

More Magic of TV: Japanese TV just loves a good magician. From Princess Tenko to David Copperfield, illusion and sleight of hand are applauded.

Sometimes the networks even go beyond the illusion to explain to viewers how the rabbit got out of the hat.

But when it comes to the magic of scandals, the networks' lack of investigative follow-up and inability to push for accountability, often leave viewers clueless and wondering just where that rabbit went to after all.

The biggest rabbits in the room are the famous "bow and make it go away" acts: A scandal pops out of the hat. The perpetrators all line up in a row and "bow it bye-bye," trying to look as repentent as possible. Then said incident fades, just like a good magician's rabbit disappears back into the hat, or it drops into the court and media rabbit hole, often not to poke its head out again for years or even decades.

A really impressive media magic act would involve the networks grabbing a scandal by the tail and relentlessly pursuing it until accountability is achieved.

Will the recent pension scandal be the rabbit that just can't be stuffed back in the hat?

[News] Japanese idol group TegoMass holds a concert at Taipei

I found KinKi Kids's new, instead I found this :D
Wow, I didn't know TegoMasu was really well known. Congrats to both of them. They are nice person~ (appeared as guest on Domoto Kyodai recently)


19/6/2007 10:08

TegoMass, a Japanese boy-band from the famous Johnny's Entertainment, held a mini concert at Taipei's Hsimending on Sunday.

The band is made up of 19-year-old Tegoshi Yuya and 20-year-old Masuda Takahisa, who are also members of Johnny's hot group NewS. TegoMass debuted in Sweden last December and are gaining more and more popularity as their second single CD was just released on May 16.

China's website reports that in the sweltering midday sun, more than 1500 fans, some having spent 12 hours waiting to get inside, welcomed their idols at Taipei's Hsimending with long-lasting scream.

The band sang three songs and showed off their Chinese speaking talent. Classic boy band fodder including but not limited to: "We are TegoMass", "I love you", and "Thank you" brought their fans to the edge of madness.

At the beginning, the two boys were scheduled to perform only two songs, one was their debut song "Miso soup" the other being "Kiss, a love song on way home", the title track of their new-released single.

Because the members of TegoMass are also part of NewS, the two were happy to add another song from their larger group to please eager fans.

They also announced that NewS will hold a concert in Taipei Arena on October 6 and 7. It will surprise few that the announcement caused bedlam among those in attendance.

The duo were invited as the presenters of the 18th Golden Melody Awards and gave out the "Best Songwriter Award" to Wu Ching-feng, the lead singer of the independent pop band Sodagreen, as well as singing two songs in Taipei Arena on Saturday evening.

The Johnny's Entertainment talent agency, which was established by Johnny Kitagawa back in the early 1960's, has dominated the boy-band market in the four decades since. Most of today's top male groups on Japanese TV are members of his stable: SMAP, Tokio, Kinki Kids, V6 and Arashi, while NewS and KAT-TUN are among the up-and-coming younger generation.

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[Hydeist] Summer time~

Hydeist changed the design.. to summer :D

Thursday, June 21, 2007

[Vid] Jang Dong Gun New CF - Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata CF

Download link 15 sec

Download link 30 sec

Director Kwak kyung-taek: “camera action!!… good…looking.”
Manager Jung Yong-won: “Really great. Showing competence!”
Stylist Kim Hyo-sung: “Everyone would follow!”
Director kwak: “The world has to know!”

Credit: Transcript by
Translated by Just Jang Dong Gun

I'm surprised to see director Kwak Kyung-taek (Chingu, Typhoon) here. JDG seems his favorite actor^^

Handsome, handsome ( ^ o ^ )