Sunday, February 09, 2014

Jung Dong-ha on IS2 - Kim Kwang-seok episode

He appeared again in Immortal Song 2 on Kim Kwang-seok episode.
He was the first performer. Introduced as 'homme fatale on stage' xD
Amazing performance, I must say.. though he had to lose to ALi. But I think he was the best for this episode *applause*
What I like about him is how he convey the song/lyric to the audience.  He make a song sound live, sound grand and unforgettable!  He has talent and capability to do so.  A true performer!
I like how KBS take a shoot some (male)audience who sang along with JDH.  It is as it is.  I think KKS will proud of him xD

I just found this, from his part at Notre Dame musical.


Sunday, February 02, 2014

Why are you so good?

He admitted himself!

and see what others comments:
homme fatale!

As they all say, JDH performed the song very good! To me, who don't understand old Korean song..come to like the song after this performance ^^;
That's why I've never tired to watch and listen to his performance in Immortal Song 2!
I also recommend performance of Kim Bada and Baek JiYoung.  Baek JiYoung is really queen of ballad song! Yes, she's that good! She made an old song like her own song like some nowadays drama ost xD

a wedding song

'Wedding' theme is surrounding Jeong Dong-ha somehow.  I just found out that on the wedding episode of kdrama 'Princess Aurora', JDH appeared as cameo, as a wedding singer!
I love the song.. He must have imagine his own while singing the song ^^;
Watch the episode here (start from min 21:10) or listen to his singing here.

I knew who is the MC.. so I wonder, who's singing in his wedding? ;)

What fans don't want to hear the most

The answer is when the idol gets married (well, at least for me).  It happened to me now! *crying a bucket*
Well, it had happened before when mr.J got married. But at that time, I was in love with another so... ^^;
Jeong Dong-ha is getting married! Argghhh,.. i hate to type it but..
I heard it enough, but the talk of him getting married being talked several times on tv show!
Twice on Immortal Song 2 (1, 2) and once on Hello Counselor.
I'm glad with the news, but hiks.. somehow I had this strange feeling. As a good fan, I should say, congrats on your wedding! *smile*
Anyway, here is from the Immortal Song 2 that aired 2014.01.11.

January 11th.. there's Indo song that titled the same...
uber cute! *dies*
Smart daughter you have, Shin DongYup-ssi!
It took me a while before realize what this question refer to! ^^
He denied it in a cute way of panick! *dies*
How come I'm not sad?? *hiks*