Sunday, March 28, 2010

The winter camp is over...

from 24CHANNEL #024 20100324. One more show..
Continuation from last week episode.
someone got drunk already

later on..

and the dishes are ready,
Dried wakasagi

24 kimchi nabe (this must be delicious, I like kimchi..)

24 toonyuu ojiya (Ojiya made with soy milk). I remember Tsuyo made a nabe with soy milk at Utaban xD

looks like an expert^^'

'oishii' expressions

jyaamane instead of manajya

Intermezzo..the effector

I don't understand much, except that there's sounds that represent a father, a child, and a mother that made our star laughed out loud (I almost sure it's fart related what they had in mind. Well it's on my mind^^').

Back to the camp.
Staff made him a purple sankaku shape cake (made from purple yam) with ice cream added on top

he says good xD


豆乳 (toonyuu) = soy milk
おじや (ojiya) or 雑炊 (ぞうすい) = considered to be more like a vegetable soup with lots of rice in it
お粥 (おかゆ) = rice porridge
紫 (murasaki) = purple
じゃがいも (jyagaimo) = potato
紫じゃがいも = purple yam(?)

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Seems so quite these days? No KK activities beside DK, no new release from the group or solo.. Koichi has SHOCK but I can't read any update news about it.
I wonder Tsu quite period these days.  24CHANNEL that coming to an end, with no replacement?  He only have photobook for his upcoming birthday? No more? I need a sign, because I need to confirm on something..

Anyway, Mr. J married rumor..a bit bothering me *..*

Tsuyoshi's Mote Style

Because I have the HD now, so from previous episode that I missed, 24CHANNEL#10 20091209.

Tsuyoshi at the salon, having a cup of latte, and would like to have [じわモテスタイル].
I did some searches and found these:

"Mote-kei is a very popular style in Japan. It is the pinnacle of femininity without showing off with sexual appeal or individuality. The idea is to attract the widest possible interest from men, mote meaning ‘being popular with the other sex’." 

I'm not sure whether he meant the same, but let's follow him.
First is he would like to do something with his hair.
> before

> after

Now, the next is the clothes.
Enter one shop (I remember he went to this shop on shindoi before), this is the pants he choose..

Tsuyoshi' fashion tips:

1. If you have loose pants >> you should wear something tight on tops

2. If you wear tight pants >> you should wear something loose on tops

Now, for the stole.
Seems his love for stole is never ending :)
He showed his styles :D

Went to the second store and look and try for stole.

Found a colorful sweater

Now, he looks totally different from the morning looks..

Next wish is to have cool sunglasses. He was waiting for CAZAL person, Kaigo-san.
As Tsuyoshi preference, it's in red.

with pink strip elastic band
Isn't it cool? CHERI model by CAZAL~^^

First public appearance :p


じわ (jiwa) = tears welling up
じわ じわ (jiwa jiwa) = slowly but steadily

God bless you!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tsuyoshi choose winter camp to mark the end of winter

from 24CHANNEL #023 20100317.

*low mood*

As Tsuyoshi wants to see the lake and to have a winter camp (冬キャンプ), then staff brought him to Gunma-ken (群馬県). Tsuyoshi also thought to cook and have nabe would be great.

God bless you!

First, they have something to eat at a restaurant,

Tsuyoshi noticed something...

and having the ojisan to say piron for

△ 何なのかをハツキリさせる。Part 3

before that,

※It was said that even Johnny-san questioning, 「Is 24CH△NNEL really coming to an end?」

Then, they bumped into a crepe & ice cream corner and have some.

The lady: 親子でファン
Then Tsuyoshi gave her a shake hand. Our star is nice person desu ne xD

Later on, as one of Tsuyoshi 100 wishes, they finally arrived at Nagano, known as home of Japan Alps.

Visited a honey bee store and try some. I like honey..

I like when people enjoying and appreciate the food...

On the way back to the bus...

To the two young women on the bicycle..
剛: 今からキャンプするけど来る?  I'll have a camp, would you like to come?
The two young women: ええ??
Staff: 剛さん!

They went to A-COOP Oasis Supermarket to do some shop for the nabe.

Have a shake hand 'event' with the Johnnys fans. 

Our star is one of the celebrity who easy to get close with xD
I think, among Johnny's, those who have shake hands with fans is Tsuyoshi^^'

And finally they arrived at the camp area, Baragi lake at Gunma, Nagano.

and there Coleman staffs also there!

Inoo Kei-kun too!^^'

and that Ojiisan from the previous camp episode^^'

※ I don't like to be reminding that the show is gonna end soon T_T

They're having a fishing competition on the freeze lake.

Yes, this petite fish ワカサギ (wakasagi = ice fish).

another low mood episode

We have the winner :)
What song did he sing?

サ一ビスエリア (service area) = rest area
湖 (ko; mizu umi) = lake
馬 (uma) = horse
冬 (fuyu) = winter
鍋 (nabe) = steamboat dishes
メニュー (meniyu) = menu
親子 (oyako) = parent and child
蜜蜂(mitsubachi) = honey bee
自転車 (jitensha) = bicycle
釣り (tsuri) = fishing

*I wish the tourism department in our country can manage local tourism as good as Japan did*  We have many good places to visit, especially those 'world heritage' sites.