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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some K-dramas?


I hardly believe I'm going to post this.
New interest in actor, it's 박유천! ^^.
Few months ago, I was badly sick. Nothing I can do to kill time, and suddenly I looked into viki for streaming drama. There.. I Miss You. I only knew Yoon Eun-hye. I knew Yoochun only that the fact he's one of ex-DBSK member. So, I gave myself a peek.  A peek turned into curiosity. A curiosity grew to fond *laughs*.  Never thought Yoochun would be that good!

Then, I got myself "Rooftop Prince". I was... speechless!  It's actually painful (to me), I do hate the ending, but .. you should see it yourself xD

I love the soundtrack as well!

Not long after that, I got myself "Sungkyunkwan Scandal"..and I am doomed.  Up until now, I'm still in Sungkyunkwan institute and couldn't move on O.o
This drama is soooo good!!! (at least to me).  It's beyond my imagination of K-drama I've known so far.
It might not everyone's taste, but it's truly worth it. I love everything about this drama. The story, the casts, the dialogues, the soundtrack.. I think I can't stop bubbling about it xD
Here's some of the drama still..

I couldn't bring myself to watch Miss Ripley, due to the female lead actress :p

Well, that's all I'm going to say^^;

Rock Spirit!

SNS really put me behind from blogging ^^;

Anyway, I'm back to K-music! *yay* Not hard to catch up anything since I never forget the famous and memorable songs xD Few days a go, after rerun Sungkyunkwan on KBS2, I watched Immortal Songs 2 (aired in Korea Feb 23, 2013). The episode was Rock Spirit with the legend, Lim Jae-bum! How come I ignore it! Though very sleepy, I tried my eyes wide open. I was surprised to see the current Lim Jae-bum. He has new image..soft image I must say..far from a rock star xD But somehow, I like his looks now. OMG..those songs..soo nostalgic! I was awaiting for "For You" and "Confession/Gohae". Every contestant/singers did great!  I was hooked on "Bisang" performed by Jung Dong-ha *hearts*. He's apparently the latest vocalist of Korean rock band, Boohwal. A rocker! *squealing* \(*o*)/

I didn't know him, though later I found out that he's the same one who sang "I Miss You" ost xD
Gosh, he's sooo good! Too bad, in the end, he lost to Kim Tae-wo who sang "Confession" in RnB style. He's good, but I like JDH's the most. The sad thing is, it's his last performance on IS2..
Here's another episode on IS2 *hearts*
Whenever he sings, he makes me goosebumps.

With that hairstyle, he do really looked like Song Joong-ki ^^'.

Oh, I'm glad with this coincidence xD