Sunday, March 30, 2008

Look closer to 244 ENDLI-x Live Tour Goods

The pamflet

T-shirt TSUYO & ARAN



There's 244 in the calendar!

the mirror

the towel

room fragrance

the strap


Saturday, March 29, 2008

[244 ENDLI-x]

( ゚∀(・-・)?

Found this when I browse.
What is this(・_・?)


The insert music is ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI 2 (NARA Album)

What's going on with GLOCALY?
Or they just keep the possible domain name xD

[bits] Speed marriage for Morisanchu's Murakami

Fri, March 28, 2008 (10:22am EDT)

28-year-old Tomoko Murakami, a member of the comedy trio Morisanchu, got married last weekend, it was learned on Friday. She later announced the news personally on a live broadcast of "Waratte Iitomo," then held a press conference on the same day.

Her husband is a 30-year-old employee of an apparel-related company whose face is said to resemble singer Masayoshi Yamazaki. They barely met on March 2 at a friend's birthday party, and they went on their first date two days later. One week later the man proposed, and they registered their marriage on the 23rd. They have not yet made plans for a ceremony.

In 2006, Murakami starred in the Fuji TV series "Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru," playing an "ugly" actress that finds love with a comedy writer (played by Goro Inagaki). That drama was based on a book by Osamu Suzuki, which was partly inspired by Suzuki's marriage to another Morisanchu member, Miyuki Oshima.

Oshima, who was also at the press conference, admitted that she was initially concerned that it might be marriage fraud, but she gave her blessing after meeting the man.

Source: Nikkan Sports & Tokyograph

Omedetou~ ^^

Friday, March 28, 2008

[堂本光一] ジェネジャン! - Generation Jungle

When I watched Shindoi #114 [2005.03.16], guest: Yasuda Misako, I heard a new issue.
First, Tsuyoshi introduce himself to Misako as Koichi xD Then I assume this girl must have a connection with Koichi (in work relation of course).
Then Tsuyoshi's writing: 光一と仕事をしたことがあるみたいです. Koichi surely will watch this show after finished with his 'work'(?).
Then Tsuyoshi mentioned about [ジェネジャン] . I got conclusion that it's the work where Koichi has connecting with Misako.
Then Tsuyoshi asked about the theme for this time show and she said it's about 性 (sei = gender = sex). No wonder he laughed xD

So, Koichi was once hosted this show; ジェネジャン!/Jenejan (short for Generation Jungle?).
The show was aired from 07 April 2002 - 30 March 2003, 11:40 PM - 12:30PM, every Sunday.
The show revived in October 2003 and continue until March 2005.
The show is like a debate talk, discussion panel. Talking about kind of 'heavy' topic like social topic, even s***x topic (it suit our oujichan who got high curiosity the most^^). No, no. Seriously, look at the topics. It was serious ones. I found some clips of the show + here +
Oh, I read that Johnny's member like Kazama Shunsuke also participated.

I might get wrong, but there's an unpleasant thing about Koichi regarding... (ok, I heard a ring bell). I better ask someone.
Before that, I need to get some sleep now (´~`)

[bits] sob sob !_!

I can't believe myself!
I want those goods.. it has to be using paypal.. I do have one but.. I forgot that I have to edit something about my credit card number.. all I can do is wait untill 1 or 2 weeks to make my account works.
I hope the goods can wait for me/us *sob sob* Gomen ne minna..

Thursday, March 27, 2008

244 ENDLI-x LIVE TOUR'08 Tour Goods + 「Kurikaesu 春」 PV
244 ENDLI-x LIVE TOUR'08 Tour Goods

Pamphlet ¥2,000

T-shirt (TSUYO&ARAN) ¥3500

Jersey ¥8000

Leggings ¥2000

Mobile phone strap ¥2000

Hand towel ¥600

Mirror ¥1500

Calendar ¥1500 (at first I thought it's an onigiri xD)

Room fragrance ¥2000

Shopping bag ¥600

「Kurikaesu 春」 PV

an animation, eh?

Read from nana/SummerSnow about the man behind the PV, Tsuyo really spent big for this? I can't wait for the PV~

No picture so far.
I want mobile phone strap, calendar and pamflet. But I have to calm down
□_ヾ(・_・ )カタカタ

The Jersey looks cool. The room fragrance looks tempting.. and the strap is always my fave.

- From the jacket's wording.. the kind of music for 244 ENDLI-x?

- The photos inside the calendar was done by 244 ENDLI-x. Wonder there'll be 244 photo inside xD
It's explained why the strap phone is higher than the calendar :P

We might try + here +

[animated] KinKi Kids x Tsuyoshi x Koichi

Found some cute animated done by AmoyKid and Minya.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a teaser... 《I and 爱 》


7 days ... counting



Have you sent your message to 244 ENDLI-x?

This is really a brilliant idea! Thanks to Cara & her friend for the tag!
Now, we can send our message to him O(≧∇≦)O
(click on the little sankaku to read others message)

Have you sent yours?

I guess this is from Tsuyo:


A suggestion, Engrish. Let him know about 'us'!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I don't have this PV >_<
I really want it.
I've been searching and can't find any but CB. No CB for me.
Anyone know where I can get direct download for this PV?
Read that there's also the making clip. I'd love to see it too ;)
Why am I so curious?
It's because of her. The girl in the PV. 平山あや (Hirayama Aya). I was like eehh? Nande?? (/-_・)/D・・・・・------ → (;/゜o゜)/
Should I say more? I'm not ready, or I don't dare.
I'm not against her. In fact I came to liking Shindoi because of her. It was when she was one of the guest around 2005. Ups, a hint. I said too much already.
No, no, don't take it seriously. It's just my fangirl matter (>_<)○------(^o^)○

Found this streaming one.. better than nothing.

uploader: (Thanks~)

Now, I've been thinking about the lyric and of course the PV.

[244 ENDLI-x] Sankaku BLOGpart - What version are you?

Finally 244 release one too \(^o^)/ (thanks Cara~)

Go check on:

There's 3 versions.. He likes diversity...

13:11 --> a coincidence~!
hint = Kimura Takuya (^▽^)/\(^▽^)

Now I have two flash clocks.. and 4 flash icons, it makes the blog open even slower :(

Monday, March 24, 2008

Madonna to provide theme for Fuji TV's 'Changes'

By Julian Ryall

March 23, 2008

TOKYO -- Madonna has agreed to provide the theme music for Fuji Television's new spring drama "Change," a move likely to secure hit status for the show starring idol Takuya Kimura.

"The program has been completely produced in-house and we are very glad to have Madonna involved in the project," Nobuhiro Nagai, of Fuji's Corporate Strategy Division, said Friday.

Nagai would not comment on the possibility of the singer coming to Japan to help promote the series, which will air beginning in April.

The licensed theme song "Miles Away" is the first Madonna track permitted to be attached to a TV drama in Japan.

Madonna met Kimura, a TV and big screen heartthrob known in Japan simply as Kimutaku, when she appeared as a guest on the "SMAPxSMAP" variety show in 2005. The weekly show features Kimura and the four other members of the boy-band SMAP.

Kimura, who starred in last year's cinematic hit "Hero," is likely only to enhance his popularity with "Changes," the tale of a small town elementary school teacher who is suddenly - if improbably - propelled into the position of prime minister of Japan.

The ballad is taken from Madonna's new "Hard Candy" album, which goes on sale here on April 30.

Nagai said the singer had been impressed with the storyline for the program, which also stars Eri Fukatsu, Akira Terao and Rosa Kato.



Ok, I haven't mentioned it. The drama title is 'CHANGE'. Will start airing on April 21st.
It has Kato Rosa! I really hope she'll be invited in Bistro SMAP! 八(^□^*) タノム
More info here.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

[CM] Kurikaesu 春 (244 ENDLI-x)

The dance~!

Thanks to kkwatt

Remember this one?

[lyric] 君となら - TUBE(チューブ)

君となら - TUBE (チューブ)
Kimi to nara

作詞/lyric:前田亘輝 (Nobuteru Maeda)
作曲/music:春畑道哉 (Michiya Haruhata)

激しく熱く燃えて 愛しあった日々
時には泣かせたりもしたけど 今日からは
hageshiku atsuku moete aishiatta hibi
toki ni wa nakasetarimo shitakedo kyou kara wa

いくつもの夜を越えて 二人は結ばれる
想い出敷きつめて ふみだす涙のvirgin road
ikutsumono yoru o koete futari wa musubareru
omoi de shikitsumete fumidasu namida no virgin road

※同じ夢 同じ痛み 喜びも悲しみも全て
互いに分けあって 歩いて行けると誓う 君となら
※ onaji yume onaji itami yorokobi mo kanashimi mo subete
tagai ni wakeatte aruite yukeru to chikau kimi to nara

仲間も来てくれた 恋の卒業式
笑顔でどんな時も 僕らを見守ってくれたね
nakama mo kitekureta koi no soshiuguu shiki
egao de donna toki mo bokura o mimamotte kureta ne

△肩寄せて 貧しくとも 失くさない この愛だけは
どんな苦しみも乗り越えていける 僕と君となら
△kata yosete mazushikutomo nakusanai kono ai dake wa
donna kurushimi mo nori koete ikeru boku to kimi to nara

優しくなりたい 強くなりたい
君を守りたい 愛し続けたい
この胸にずっと 君の温もりを
感じていたい いつまでも
yasashiku naritai tsuyoku naritai
kimi o mamoritai aishi tsuzuketai
kono mune ni zutto kimi no nukumori o
kanjite itai itsumademo

(repeat ※)
(repeat △)


Watch Domoto Tsuyoshi performance at 堂本剛のDO-YA (1996) + here +
Watch TUBE's version + here +

I remember when TUBE was the guest at Love Love Aishiteru show, Koichi mentioned that Tsuyoshi frequently sung TUBE song's without permission xD

[List] 堂本刚 の正直しんどい

I want to make a complete list for the girls who've been Tsuyoshi's date at 堂本刚の正直しんどい! xD
Sorry just a list, cause I need to know who the guest were. Go to ya_嚒蛋's blog and I found many blog has the download links.

#001 [2002.10.09] 田中直树 (Tanaka Naoki) --> Onodera Sensei in Gakkou no Sensei +watch+
#002 [2002.10.16] 奥菜恵 (Okina Megumi) --> Wakaba no Koro
#003 [2002.10.23] 篠原凉子 #1 (Shinohara Ryoko) --> Ao no Jidai
#004 [2002.10.30] 小池栄子 (Koike Eiko) --> I know her from Satorare
#005 [2002.11.06] 渡辺満里奈 (Watanabe Marina)
#006 [2002.11.13]
#007 [2002.11.20] 西川贵教 #1 (Nishikawa Takanori) --> T.M Revolution +watch+
#008 [2002.11.27] MAX +watch+
#009 [2002.12.04] 藤井フミヤ (Fujii Fumiya) --> The Checkers +watch+
#010 [2002.12.11] 瀬戸朝香 (Asaka Seto) +watch+
#011 [2002.12.25] 深田恭子 sp (Fukada Kyoko) --> True Heart
#012 [2003.01.08] 总集篇 (episode collection?)
#013 [2003.01.15] 未公开特集 (unseen scenes?)
#014 [2003.01.22] 森三中 (Morisanchu)
#015 [2003.01.29] 稲森いずみ (Inamori Izumi) --> Long Vacation
#016 [2003.02.05] 徐若宣 (Vivian Hsu) +watch+
#017 [2003.02.12] 篠原ともえ (Shinohara Tomoe) --> LLA member +watch+
#018 [2003.02.19] 哀川翔 (Aikawa Sho)
#019 [2003.02.26] 酒井若菜 (Wakana Sakai) --> Home Drama
#020 [2003.03.05] 上原多香子 (Uehara Takako) --> SPEED
#021 [2003.03.12] 雏形あきこ (Hinagata Akiko)
#022 [2003.03.19] 山田花子 (Yamada Hanako)
#023 [2003.03.26] 堂本光一 深田恭子 菅野美穗[SP] (Domoto Koichi, Fukada Kyoko, Kanno Miho)
#024 [2003.04.09] GACKT
#025 [2003.04.16] 竹内结子[前编] (Takeuchi Yuko) part 1
#026 [2003.04.23] 竹内结子[后编] (Takeuchi Yuko) part 2
#027 [2003.04.30] ソニン (Sonim) --> Motokare +watch+
#028 [2003.05.07] 菊川怜 (Kikukawa Rei)
#029 [2003.05.14] 佐藤蓝子 (Sato Aiko) --> Itazura na Kiss

#031 [2003.05.28] 国仲凉子 (Kuninaka Ryoko) --> Yume no California +watch+
#032 [2003.06.04] 上原さくら (Uehara Sakura)
#033 [2003.06.11] テツandトモ (Tetsu and Tomo)
#034 [2003.06.18] 永作博美 (Nagasaku Hiromi)
#035 [2003.06.25] 铃木杏树 [户外野餐/outdoor picnic] (Suzuki Anju) +watch+
#036 [2003.07.02] 远藤章造 (Endo Shozo) --> Cocorico
#037 [2003.07.09] You
#038 [2003.07.16] 吹石一恵 (Fukiishi Kazue) --> Shinsengumi +watch+
#039 [2003.07.30] 吉川ひなの (Yoshikawa Hinano) +watch+
#040 [2003.08.12] 瞬间高收视 + watch +
#041 [2003.08.13] 中岛 松嵨 (?) +watch+
#043[2003.08.27] 宫地真绪 (Miyaji Mao)
#044 [2003.09.03] 平山あや (Hirayama Aya)
#045 [2003.09.10] tomomi
#046 [2003.09.17] 辺见えみり (Henmi Emiri)
#047 [2003.09.24] 堂本刚の正直しんどい24时间耐久6股デートSP
#048 [2003.10.08] 眞锅かをり (Manabe Kaori) --> watch the episode here
#049 [2003.10.15] 国分佐智子 (Kokubu Sachiko)
#050 [2003.10.22] 小林聡美 (Kobayashi Satomi) --> wife of Mitani Koki
#051 [2003.10.29] 篠原凉子#2 (Shinohara Ryoko)
#052 [2003.11.05] 安达佑実 (Adachi Yumi) --> Glass no Kamen
#053 [2003.11.12] とよた真帆 (Toyota Maho)
#054 [2003.11.19] 铃木纱理奈 (Sarina Suzuki)
#055 [2003.11.26] 上戸彩 (Ueto Aya) part 1
#056 [2003.12.03] 上戸彩 (Ueto Aya) part 2 +watch+
#057 [2003.12.10] 矶野贵理子 (?)
#058 [2003.12.24] クリスマスデート SP / Christmas SP (BOA- KEIKO- HITOMI) +watch, watch+
#059 [2004.01.07] 总集篇 (collection?)
#060 [2004.01.14] 松本莉绪 (Matsuo Kazuko?)
#061 [2004.01.21] ホリーヴァランス (Holly Valance) --> is it really her? + download (subbed)+
#062 [2004.01.28]
#063 [2004.02.04] さとう珠绪 (Sato Tamao)
#064 [2004.02.11] 京野ことみ (Kyono Kotomi)
#065 [2004.02.18] 西川贵教 #2 (Nishikawa Takanori) +watch+
#066 [2004.02.25] 今井绘理子 (Eriko Imai) --> SPEED
#067 [2004.03.03] 大山のぶ代 (Ooyama Nobuyo) --> Doraemon + watch +
#068 [2004.03.10] 铃木杏 (Anne Suzuki) + watch +
#069 [2004.03.17] 持田香织 (Kaori Mochida) --> Every Little Thing
#070 [2004.03.31] Johnnys紧急呼出 Sp
#071 [2004.04.07] 水野美纪 (Miki Mizuno)
#072 [2004.04.14] 菊川怜 (Kikukawa Rei) +watch+
#073 [2004.04.21] 财前直见 (Zaizen Naomi)
#074 [2004.04.28] 内山理名(Uchiyama Rina)
#075 [2004.05.05] ユンソナ(Yoon Son-ha) + watch +
#076 [2004.05.12] 相田翔子 (Aida Shoko)

#078 [2004.05.19] 佐籐江梨子 (Sato Eriko)
#079 [2004.06.02] 未公开
#080 [2004.06.09] 吉冈美穗 (Yoshioka Miho)
#081 [2004.06.16] YOU 2
#082 [2004.06.23] 樱井淳子 [镰仓约会] (Sakurai Atsuko) +watch+
#083 [2004.06.30] 市川由衣 (Ichikawa Yui)
#084 [2004.07.07] 深田恭子 2 (Fukada Kyoko)
#085 [2004.07.14] 今井翼、根本はるみ 、若槻千夏(上) (Imai Tsubasa, Yukie Harumi, Wakatsuki Chinatsu)
#086 正直 040721 今井翼 #2 根本はるみ 若槻千夏 (Imai Tsubasa, Yukie Harumi, Wakatsuki Chinatsu, Sawajiri Erika)
#087 [2004.07.28] 藤谷美和子 (Fujitani Miwako) +watch+

#089 [2004.08.11] 山口もえ (Yamaguchi Moe)
#090 [2004.08.18] 中井美穗 (?)
#091 [2004.09.08] 男女入れ乱れ旅行スペシャル (special)
#092 [2004.09.15] ロバート (Robert) +watch+
#093 [2004.09.22] 十朱幸代 (Yukiyo Toake) +watch+
#094 [2004.10.13] 酒井彩名 (Sakai Ayana)
#095 [2004.10.20] 米仓凉子 (Yonekura Ryoko)
#096 [2004.10.27] キングコング (King Kong) +watch+
#097 [2004.11.03] 100 + watch +
#098 [2004.11.10] 100
#099 [2004.11.17] 100回记念SP月间総集编前编 须藤理彩.长谷川理恵
#100 [2004.11.24] 100回记念SP月间総集编后编
#101 [2004.12.01] ドランクドラゴン (Drunk Dragon)
#102 [2004.12.08] 吉川ひなの インパルス (Yoshikawa Hinano, Impulse?)
#103 [2004.12.22] 音楽スペシャル 木村カエラ ウルフルズGackt#2 (Music Special: Kimura Kaela, ULFULS, Gackt) +watch+
#104 [2005.01.05] 国生さゆり (Kokusho Sayuri) +watch+
#105 [2005.01.12] 熊田曜子、よゐこ (Kumada Yoko, Yoiko)
#106 [2005.01.19] フットボールアワー (Football Hour) +watch+
#107 [2005.01.26] 铃木纱理奈 2 (Sarina Suzuki)
#108 [2005.02.02] 尹孙河 2 (Yoon Son-ha)

#110 [2005.02.16] ソニン+ さんとレギュラー (Sonim +) - watch here
#111 [2005.02.23] Chemistry
#112 [2005.03.02] 菅野美穂 (Miho Kanno)
#113 [2005.03.09] 品川庄司, 平山あや (Shinagawa Shoji, Hirayama Aya)
#114 [2005.03.16] 安田美沙子 (Yasuda Misako)
#115 [2005.03.23] 冈野昭仁 (Akihito Okano from Porno Graffiti) +watch+
#116 [2005.03.30] ~春の芸人祭~SP (Spring festival): Cream Stew (くりぃむしちゅー) and Satou Tamao +watch+
#117 [2005.04.13]MEGUMI 2アンガールズ次长课长
#118 [2005.04.14] 石原真理绘 (Mari Ishihara?)
#119 [2005.04.21]「ヒマつぶし」未公开集です + watch +
#120 [2005.04.28] 木村佑一&铃木纱理奈 (Kimura Yuichi + Suzuki Sarina)
#122 [2005.05.12] 井上和香 (Inoue Waka)
#123 [2005.05.19] 菅野美穂 (Miho Kanno)
#124 [2005.06.08]インパルス 若槻千夏 (Impulse, Chinatsu Wakatsuki) +watch+
#125 [2005.06.15] 井上和香 (Inoue Waka) +watch+
#126 [2005.06.22] 井上和香キングコング (Inoue Waka, King Kong)
#127 [2005.06.29] 铃木纱理奈&平山あや (Sarina Suzuki & Hirayama Aya) +watch+
#128 [2005.07.06] スポーツ道场破りSP
#129 [2005.07.13] 中川家&YOU (Nakagawake & YOU)
#130 [2005.07.20] MEGUMI +watch+
#131 [2005.08.03] 玉山鉄二 吉冈美穂 市川由衣 前编 (Tamayama Tetsuji, Yoshioka Miho, Ichikawa Yui) +watch+
#132 [2005.08.10] 玉山鉄二 吉冈美穂 市川由衣 后编 +watch+
#133 [2005.08.17] 小池荣子 2 (Koike Eiko) +watch+
#134 [2005.08.24] 中川家 (Nakagawake) +watch+
#135 [2005.09.07] 铃木纱理奈&笑い饭 (Sarina Suzuki & ?) +watch+
#136 [2005.09.14] 内山理名&水川あさみ (Uchiyama Rina & Mizukawa Asami)
#137 [2005.09.21] 板尾创路 铃木纱理奈 南海キャンディーズ 安田美沙子 (Itao Itsuji, Sarina Suzuki, Nankai Candies, Yasuda Misako) +watch+
#138 [2005.09.28] 板尾创路 铃木纱理奈 南海キャンディーズ 麒麟 ネゴシックス +watch+
#140 [2005.10.19] アンガールズ 小池栄子(Ungirls, Koike Eiko)
#141 [2005.10.26] 若槻千夏さん (Chinatsu Wakatsuki)
#142 [2005.11.02] 堂本刚选出の超美味食物前10位
#143 [2005.11.09] 艺能人苦手的指令 东干久 熊田曜子 中川家 三浦理恵子
#144 [2005.11.16] 知道吗约会 + watch +
#145 [2005.11.23] 艺能人苦手的指令 细川茂树 板尾创路 杉本彩 梨花
#146 [2005.11.30] 知道吗?约会
#147 [2005.12.07] 数量限定グルメ 铃木纱理奈 キングコング
#148 [2005.12.21] 正直しんどい150回记念スペシャル + watch + watch +
#149 [2006.01.06] 4时间生放送ぶちぬきスペシャル!朝まで生しんどい01
#150 [2006.01.11] しんどい指令&グルメ 未公开
#151 [2006.01.18] 知ったかデート - 田丸麻纪
#152 [2006.01.25] ピタリ100 アンガールズ 若槻千夏 + watch +
#153 [2006.02.01] 堂本刚の夜明けまでしんどい~完全版~
#154 [2006.02.08]日本の名店グルメクイズ - Ungirls 井上和香
#155 [2006.02.22] 加藤ローサ高桥真唯星井七瀬藤井美菜
#156 [2006.03.01] DreamComesTrue + download (subbed) +
#157 [2006.03.08] 小池荣子感谢祭[TVBT] + watch +
#158 [2006.03.15] 铃木纱理奈 熊田曜子 安田美沙子 夏川纯
#159 [2006.03.22] 约会IN小田原 若槻千夏
#160 [2006.03.29] (石头剪子布猜拳连胜 保龄球连胜)
#161 [2006.04.12] 连続しんどい YOU ほっしゃん バッファロー吾郎
#162 [2006.04.19] 「素敌な歌谣ショー」友近 麒麟 神奈月 嶋大辅
#163 [2006.04.26]「4.26生日派对」田中直树 + watch +
#164 [2006.05.03]「女性を落とせるグルメ」若槻千夏
#165 [2006.05.10] 间寛平 中川家 アンガールズ 东原亜希

source: (special thanks to ya_嚒蛋)

to be continued

[bits] True Heart vs When did your heart stop loving me?

I was surprised to know the fact that there's another version for Tackey & Tsubasa's 【True Heart】. A Korean version sung by JTL.
Both song was release on the same year, 2002.

About Tackey & Tsubasa's version:
Title: True Heart
Written by Goro Matsui (松井五郎) and composed by Swedish song writer M. FUNEMYR.
Watch the PV + here +
True Heart lyric translation

About JTL's version:
Title: When did your heart stop loving me?
Included on JTL's special album, "Love Story." Group member Tony wrote the lyrics for the song which was written by Swedish song writer M. FUNEMYR. The sweet song is about Tony's personal experiences of love and friendship. (ArirangTV)
Watch the MV + here +
When did your heart stop loving me? lyric translation

If that so..what's with the same theme When did your heart stop loving me? then?
Both lyric have different translation, though it meant the same.. (・_・?)

I still like True Heart version.

[vid] KinKi Kids x SMAP - Pajama talk

Found this old clip at tudou.
KinKi Kids @ SMAP の がんばりましょう (SMAP no Ganbarimashou) [1995.06.29].
KinKi was 16 years old. They talked about the group name. How SMAP sounds way cool rather than KinKi Kids^^. KinKi Kids might better than Kanzai Boya but still Tsuyoshi's school friend thought KinKi Kids name was kind of odd xD.


nice pajamas~

Another link here.

This should be posted last night.
I feel so sleepy after a long talk with Kazzchan till 3 am (´~`)
But our talk made me feel relieve \(^ ^)/

Saturday, March 22, 2008

[bits] 10日... counting

 ....10 days to the new Single and Album!"
--> it will be 17 日 to get it on my hand (*´ο`*)=3

Friday, March 21, 2008

[bits] from drama Summer Snow

Just rewatch Summer Snow and noticed this...

an added snapshot to this post,

Is this also Yamamoto Dan? --> the boy who couldn't ride a bike and bump into Katase Yuki (Hirosue Ryoko).

and this one O(≧∇≦)O

Tsuyo seemed like to give his touch to his role stuff. I remember he also put sakana picture in his room in Motokare.

[bits] (another) Sankaku t-shirt ?

I noticed something from TVGuide magazine (thanks to usami-chan). It's sankaku pattern on Tsuyo's t-shirt.

I wonder it's merely a sankaku ornamen or his new sankaku t-shirt xD
Read about sankaku on previous post.

Hydeist - Spring


isn't it lovely?

@Hyde's Room...

Hyde start a HYDE Official Mobile Site --> like J-Web?