Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Painter of The Wind

I finished watch this drama, Korean drama title "Painter of the Wind" (2008), casted Moon Geun-young and Park Shin-yang.
It was soo good! The story based on a novel (that written based on a history).  There's a big change in the story, since the painter (Shin Yun-bok) was a girl who disguised as a man, though the real Shin Yun-bok is truly a man. I don't know whether the true story of the background of each painting were like what was told in the drama, but it's really interesting. It was portrayed very good in this drama. (reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Painter_of_the_Wind)
The casts are awesome! I have to give both casts, especially MGY a big applause!!
Btw, I'm so surprised to see Moon Chae-won (Nice Guy) here. She looks so different. Still chubby, but still pretty as always xD

I really recommend this drama to anyone. Ah, it's saeguk drama, by the way xD

One Ok Rock is coming!


[ Date ] November 24, 2013 --> it's Sunday..
[ Venue ] Skeeno Hall, Gandaria
[ Location ] Jakarta, Indonesia



My sister got a plan on late November.. let's hope for the best!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Jeong Dong-ha is back!

I'm back! Well, I never leave my fandom, just don't have time to write anything here.  Reminds me of how leisure I was back then.. :p

Why suddenly come back? It's because of him! Jeong Dong-ha!
It was on Thursday night, I was asleep while working on my homework.. then suddenly awaken and tv was on, and suddenly I feel like I wanna take a look on Immortal Songs2.. and then walla!! I saw a glimpse of Dong-ha while he won the highest vote! Eeeh..what is it?? Wide awake and *scream* Dong-ha was on IS2 again! What a destiny! xixixiii.. I feel so fortune^^;  and it's just ri~ght before his performance *speechless*.
The rest is.... see for yourself..

I was stunned! *clapping hands*
It was awesome performance!! Sassuga.. as expected from a rocker! drunk emotion... sigh..
The (lyric) song was awesome too! or perhaps he made it sounds more awesome. I like the arrangement he made to the song.

Apparently the show was a celebration of 100 episode of IS2 and it was part 1, Dong-ha won for that episode, but on the next he still battle with 6 other singers.  I like the contestants.  Didn't familiar with half of, but seems they were from the same generation. Well, except for Jay Park, I guess?
That's what I like about IS2.  They bring out the best of from great singers. I'm not against k-pop, but they worth to listen to.  I wish Hong-ki would be one of the contestant.. it would be more interesting xD.  K-music lack of famous rocker, I guess. Or it is the kind of rock music that is different from what I'm familiar with..

I'm not sure Dong-ha will be on the next episode as well, but..let's see. 

Here's mp3 ripped from the performance get the file

Later I saw the next episode. Dong-ha won over 6 singers, but lost to RnB singer (forgot his name).  I have to admit that the performance was good, so I'm not disappointed.  Still proud of you, Dong-ha ssi!