Sunday, September 22, 2013

Can't find a post title

While waiting for the next episode of Master's Sun, I traced back Gong Hyo-jin's previous drama I haven't watch.  And I managed to finish two dramas, Pasta (2010) and The Greatest Love (2011).
She surely has her own charm!  I just found out on how to enjoy K-drama now.  Not that I didn't enjoy kdrama before, but i told myself that many of them are dragging too much, but maybe because i found a new point of view on how to understand the plot and the characters.  Well, there's still some that dragging, but I can pick a good one now *cough*

I love Pasta (2010)!  It has good story, nice dialogues, and good casts.  Lee Sun-gyun is awesome xD.  I didn't favor him on Coffee Prince (2007), except that he has unique voice, but he's good in Pasta.  On some point, he reminds me of Takuya's acting..

The Greatest Love (2011)... oh-my-God.. I can't imagine that I saw Cha Seung-won in it!! LMAO Dokko-jin!! He's totally made me speechless! I guess, I need to see Athena to erase Dokko-jin image xDDD.
I can't help to grins every time I remember him.  I don't like the story actually, but it all thanks to CSW's acting.  The child actor who played as Go Ae-jung's nephew is good! So with Dokko-jin's manager xD
All along, I remember CSW as the tallest actor I've seen. But, now.. I won't forget Dokko-jin and his ding-dong, his silly laugh and his hotki**^o^

I wonder..what if CSW got the cast for Joong-won in Master's Sun *sorry SJS* :p
You two are look a like on some point, but CSW is way more experience? No offense xD
Gosh, I watched too many dramas lately, and surprisingly it's K-drama!
So, what should I watch next? City Hall? Athena?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

KinKi Kids new single!

It's their 33rd single to come!

I can't wait~!

Sing with the legend!

He's back to be a winner!

Jung Dong-ha featuring the late Kim Hyun-sik on Like Rain, Like Music. (watch full ep)
It was awesome, beautiful performance!!
He even broke his own record ^^;
He's genius on this. I never can guess how he's going to perform each time. He always give me an unexpected performance. He's really good. He's truly an entertainer!  This time, he made it like "sing with the legend" instead of "sing the legend".

Come to think of it.. I remember last time, JDH said he usually won when he performed together with another.  Previously with Kim Tae-won, ALi, and now with Kim Hyun-sik! *lol*

Oh, before I forgot, Dong-ha ssi, please do not put a shiny wet-look lipgloss anymore, ok? It doesn't suit you at all x)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Purple Wave is here!


Master's Sun

I'm currently watching this drama, Master's Sun.
Truth is, I'm watching it because of Jung Dong-ha! He's singing one of the ost!
Gosh, the song is soooo goood! He did great on it! Oh, I wish he will do a live performance of this song^^

The song really portrays the story line. It describes the rollercoaster of the emotion from the two characters. The song is rock!!
Despite the ghost thingy, I finally can manage to watch it^^;. Geez, I really hate horror stuff!

There's another theme song that I like, it's ballad song, sung by Yoon Mirae.
This isn't the official mv, but fanmade. I like the fanmade better xD

It's been a while since I saw So Jisub and Gong Hyojin. I like GHJ! I don't think there's any other actress that can play the character in this drama xD
The dialogues and the plot is kind of unique? I like how the writer portrayed the relationship between the two characters in such dialogues. It'!