Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reise nach BERLIN

I'm trying to read 堂本剛・ベルリン, though it's hard since I can't read Japanese :|
Well, to enjoy the eyes of Tsuyoshi fashion, I'm glad I bought it xD

Some of the fashion related spots Tsuyoshi visited (where I'm sure he shopped too) at Berlin
http://www.trippen.com/ (shoes)
http://www.stiefelkombinat.de/  (shoes)


Where he stayed xD
Hotel Q! is a 5-star luxurious property representing the new hotel experience and located in the very centre of Berlin - on Kurfürstendamm on the corner of Knesebeckstrasse.

Reise nach BERLIN = Journey to Berlin
Geschäft Läden = shops(?)

Words at the last page,






言靈 (I can't find how to read this) at first I thought it supposed to be 言葉 (kotoba=words).  But it can't be wrong after I read the book myself. It's written as 言靈.  I found that 靈 translated as spirits.  Later on, according to this site (chinese term), it can be meaning as 「soul of language」、「spirit of language」、「power of language」、「power word」、「magic word」、「sacred sound」。I think it's make sense(?)
仕事 (shigoto) = work
考 (kanga.e) = think, consider
命 (inochi) = life
全 (mattaku) = full, whole

I wish someone would like to translate the article and the interview...
I wonder Tsuyoshi, why Berlin?

credit: Dragon Art - dragonartz.net for the frames etc.
自分の作品に感動して貰える事程嬉しい事はない。 - 堂本剛

Monday, April 26, 2010

Another married couple^^'

I recently found out from tokyograph. Apparently Ichikawa Ebizo has registered their marriage last month (the announcement was made around November 2009) with FujiTV newscaster, Kobayashi Mao.

I knew her from News Zero, and I saw her with her senpai at the agency, Megumi Oishii in a variety show long ago.
Here are the preview on her announcement of her marriage and that she will leave her post at News Zero. Also the clip on Ebizo appearance at News Zero (27 December 2008).

The press conference (29 January 2010) are here 1, here 2, and here 3.  The wedding will be held on July.
Gosh, to see them together, I still hardly believe it.  Mao looks so innocent^^'. I hope Ebizo will end his playboy side for good xD

To know that the two met at her show, News Zero, just reminds me of how hyde met Megumi xD

As now we all knew, Ebizo is also Tsuyoshi senpai, as they both went on the famous celebrity "Horikoshi" school (shoujiki shindoi episode ).

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The wedding photos...

source: http://www.allkpop.com/

Read the news :: here ::

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The final design?




締め切りは 5 月 15 日(土曜日)!

A pendant? for a necklace? or just a bookmark? how big? It's 3 dimensional for sure.
I guess it will come with sending the postcard inside the book? I don't think it will work for overseas :(  or should I try?  The date line is May 15th.
I need someone to translate all this x)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

SHAMANIPPON, the new Tsuyoshi serialization column in BARFOUT

Just looked at the newest Tsuyoshi photos at BARFOUT magazine May edition at pinkrain24451.
He has a new serialization project and brought along the live painting artist Oikawa Keeda (uh, I like her paints~) and Etou Steve, the percussion of ENDLI' Band. This May edition will be the first volume.
There's a word put in the article, 「SHAMANIPPON」. That's the title of the column I suppose.
I wonder it has related with shaman-ism, because I don't think Tsuyoshi is one.  But it might just the use of the term, and it can be refer to as term referencing a range of beliefs and practices regarding communication with Nippon, the country. Who knows? Let's wait for someone who kindly translate the article for non-Japanese reader here xD
According to the term of shaman music, no wonder he collaborate with Steve-san.
I wonder those who will attend the concert at Asuka will see this SHAMANIPPON.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Berlin Book is here!

Last night I've checked the status order and it's written 'In Shipping Process'.
But, just now, our office girl gave me a package from CdJapan. I was like eeehh???

I checked the status and it's still written as this:

And the notification email from them just received by now, saying that they shipped the package by today.
I even get the package before I received the notification. Did they asked Harry Potter to do this?
Ah well, I'm glad it's arrived earlier than expected and safely unopened by the custom xD

The book surprisingly lighter though the thickness is about 1.5 cm.
I took a glimpse (I'm at work). I just realized.. Just like the previous release, but this time Berlin Book contained recollection from the early editions on PS Magazines from 2005, vol.001.
I like the kind of paper for this book. It's not shiny art paper for sure, but something dove. Recycle paper?
Back to work~ 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

244のbirthday celebration

Celebrated 244 birthday with 5 KK friends.  Good that Wen can join us this time xD
We ate a lot.  I hope it won't ruin your diet program, girl^^'
We planned to make something that looks like that purple cake on 24Ch..but in the end, we have to satisfied with this ordinary cake.

Naah, we didn't eat it with the chili pepper xD

Saturday, April 10, 2010

堂本剛さん, お誕生日おめでとう!

Wishing you, all the best in life!

Tsuyoshi present for us xD


堂本 剛が PS 誌上で4年以上にわたって、連載をしている『ツヨコレ』は、インパクトのあるヴィジュアルで人気。連載ページ54回分に加え、今もっともアーティスティックな街・ベルリンで撮影した最新写真を掲載し、本人の生きる糧である「ファッション、アート、ミュージック!」を存分に語ったファッションBOOK。

『堂本 剛 ベルリン』 特製ベルリンしおり




It seems for each book, you'll get either red or purple bookmark.  I wish I get the purple one xD. It's red and purple reversible^^'
I'm afraid to say on the second picture. But, I think I got the point, I guess^^'

Tsuyoshi by other's

I'm trying to collect pictures of Tsuyoshi by other celebs.

by Tackey

by Mizukawa Asami

by Hamada Britney

I wonder, any more drawing? Koichi's drawing on Tsuyo? xD

堂本剛さん, お誕生日おめでとう! 

Thursday, April 08, 2010

2 days to go

source: johnnys-net.net

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Love Fighter 2010.04.04

source: johnnys-net.net (thanks to = =)





\(鼻 ∇.血)/


Due to exhausted, Tsuyoshi got nosebleed.

What is with this emo??  \(鼻 ∇.血)/  lol
He should take care of himself or he should find someone to take a good care of him...

疲労 (hirou) = tired, exhausted
先日 (senjitsu) = past day
勝手 (katte) = selfishness
鼻血 (hanaji) = nosebleed

Friday, April 02, 2010

お疲れさま, 24ちゃん

from the last episode, 20100331...

He looks handsome..

So, as was said in the previous episode, to mark the end of 24CHANNEL, he would like to have a hanging mobile advertising. The hanging mobile ads now is ready.

Then it's hanging inside the Enoden.

Before that, while waiting for the train, Tsuyoshi met a young girl and kindly talked to her friend in her phone cell.
Extremely やさしい

Meet Megu-chan

loool ojiichan!^^'

Sankaku birthday cake~

いちご? looks like :p




I've never thought I would say this but, as his fans I would say, 剛くん, あいしてる