Friday, October 31, 2008

Sushi Oji! New York e Iku (Theatrical Feature), Limited Edition

[Theatrical Feature] Sushi Oji! New York e Iku, Limited Edition.

In the details, was written:
DVD release of the hit theatrical feature "Sushi Oji - New York e Iku" starring Koichi Domoto! This time Tsukasa Maizu travels to America for an international battle of sushi! This limited edition includes bonus DVD with making-of footage and more, deluxe booklet, postcard, and Tsukasa Maizu in New York figure!

So, we should get:
1. DVD, 2 discs (contain the making)
2. deluxe booklet
3. postcard
4. Tsukasa Maizu figure

Look here's what we got:

Details are:
The 2 discs and the postcard,

Tsukasa Maizu figure,

where's the deluxe booklet?

Well, there's what was missing.
From the picture of the details, I assume that the booklet is the one pointed with purple arrow?

I don't think this two folded leaflet considered as the 'deluxe booklet'.

any explanation?

By the way, the special features on the regular edition is: footage from the premiere in New York (~_^)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tsuyoshi new hair style

Well, you can't tell from front side though.
With this style, I've been wondering that he's in a new solo project.. I wonder what kind of music he's been into now..

taken from SDK#361 20081026 with Kanjani8. English subbed version :: here ::

Thursday, October 23, 2008

from Shindoi#084 20040707 - Fukada Kyoko#2

This is one of the reason why I like Shoujiki Shindoi. I see many places (inside Japan) and know more... like that Tsuyoshi is so romantic? xD
Ok, let's start~

I wonder what's wrong with him, with the dumble..

and this looks (while mentioning Fukakyon)..that emo..
Guess, he's teasing Koichi xD

You asked her to choose?

Sure Kyoko I will choose you for the date.

Apparently the date was in the theme of 七夕 (read: tanabata) or Star Festival at Yokohama.

First spot:
Yokohama Bay Bridge.
From the hill, both can view the bridge. Can you feel that both talked so natural? Well, they worked together before xD
uhmm...seemed that Kyoko didn't want to grown-up yet?

Ah, since Kyoko was in the promotion for her drama 'Minami-kun no koibito' they were asked to take pictures with the theme. Cute photos xD

Second date: 七夕Cycling.
Along side 山下公園 (Yamashita Park), passed by Motomachi shopping street, and then they stopped by at 赤レンガ (read: akarenga) or Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. This akarenga building looks so cool, just reminds me of Moscow red square.

holding hands^^
You're such romantic, Tsuyoshi-kun?

Romantic pose at akarenga..

He paused the video a lot, and the comments are funny, like this one too.
The "pink ranger" tried to shout as "red ranger" xD

teasing Koichi...

Next spot: 七夕 Chinese Town.

Another romantic moment..

They visited a fortune teller.

I don't quite understand what they sa, but note this...
Tsuyoshi would get married at 28 years old! Look at his face! delighted? :lol:

Yes, we heard it!

Last part was 七夕Party!
They're just having fun xD

He's happy^^

I'm sorry for any mistaken in interpret everything, this is merely for my own interest x)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

[lyric] ひとつだけの愛~アベ・マリア - SMAP

Hitotsu dake no ai ~ Ave Maria

作詩/lyric:藤澤ノリマサ・JACRREN/Fujisawa Norimasa - JACRREN
作曲/music:藤澤ノリマサ・Charles Francois Gounod

One love yeah!!
My love forever 今本当の愛はここに yeah!!
たったひとつのラブ 今本当の未来はそこに yeah!!
One love yeah!!
My love forever ima honto no ai wa koko ni yeah!!
tatta hitotsu no rabu ima honto no mirai wa soko ni yeah!!
kitto tsunagatte iru love

tatoeba ima aru mono o subete na gedashite mo hoshii
nanika o gisei ni shitemo te ni iretai mono ga aru

aruku michi no saki ni aru hoso nagai kewashii michi o
futari de arukeru no nara mou nanimo iranai

心からの気持ち ありがとう
kimi ga soba ni iru yo
koko ni ite kureru
kokoro kara no kimochi arigatou

One love My love One love
Forever Forever

押さえきれない感情が今 羽ばたいて
偽りない愛情 君に届けたくて
osae kirenai kanjyou ga ima habata ite
itsuwari nai aijyou kimi ni todoketakute

rasenkaidan o noboru anata no ashiato no you ni
toki wa tomaru koto mo naku tae ma naku nagarete yuku

kunou to kanashimi no naka aruite sono saki o yukeba
kagayaku hikari o hanatsu mirai ga mieru hazu

君がいてくれるよ ありがとう
donna toki demo
ashita o terasu
kimi ga ite kureru yo arigatou

One love My love One love
Forever Forever

honto no ai o ima koko ni chikai
eien ni to a no sora ni negai
ima okuri tai kimochi
itsuwari nai honto no kimochi
utsuru kage wa yori sotte michi wa tatoe kewashi kuttatte
owaru koto no nai michi de michi de eburidee eburidee (everyday)
onaji hibi o ikite ikiteru
futari dake no mirai isshou ni mitai futari dake no mirai

ah ah yeah! yeah! たったひとつのlove
ah ah yeah! yeah! tatta hitotsu no love

konna ni mo ima
kagayaite iru
kimi o mitsumete iru koto ga

tsutaetai kotoba
deatta ano hi kara
kimi dake o aishite itanda

One love My love One love
Forever Forever たったひとつのlove
One love My love One love
Forever Forever tatta hitotsu no love
kitto kitto tsunagatteru love

押さえきれない感情が今 羽ばたいて
偽りない愛情 君に届けたくて
osae kirenai kanjyou ga ima habata ite
itsuwari nai aijyou kimi ni todoketakute

One love yeah! My love

taken from


some parts are not even singing?
The song reminds me of 「アンダルシアに憧れて」by Higashiyama Noriyuki/Domoto Koichi.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

from SDK #360 2008/10/19 - Sakai Masaaki

Sakai Masaakiさん is interesting person. This episode is quite interesting as well xD

1, 2, 3, 4.. black day?

What is the connection between Sakai-san and Yamada of HSJ? xD

Our prince are not prince-like today (well, not for the first time though^^)

note: the connection between Sakai Masaaki & Masahiko Kondo (Machy) is race car.

There's always one or more, visible or hidden about unique things that Domoto Tsuyoshi is all about.

and the guest for the next episode is...

Kanjani ∞!

bits from recent Shindoi

from Shindoi #285 2008/10/08 with Aragaki Yui...

walking next to Tsuyoshi, makes Aragaki looks like a giant. Gosh, he is sooo petite!

from Shindoi #286 2008/10/15 with Tutorial and Chihara Brothers...
Meet manga sensei, 板垣恵介先生 (Itagaki Keisuke sensei)

once again, Tsuyoshi among the giants...

Tsuyoshi on Itagaki sensei's drawing

新Opening for the show by Itagaki sensei~

by the way, what's wrong with his left hand?