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[News] Big Korean Welcome for Kimura Takuya

Over 1,000 fans turned out at Pusan airport in South Korea yesterday to welcome SMAP heart throb Kimura Takuya (34, photo left). Though it's this third visit to Korea, he is in Pusan for the first time to film scenes for the movie adaptation of his mega-hit TV drama series "Hero". He held a press conference alongside co-star Lee Byung Hun (36, photo right), who is also hugely popular in Japan. "Hero" was the most successful drama series ever for Fuji TV. It achieved an phenomenal audience rating of over 30% for each of its 11 episodes in 2001, a feat probably only Kimutaku has enough appeal to pull off. A special episode was shown last summer and was again a big hit. Directed by Suzuki Masayuki, the movie is scheduled to open on September 8. The cast also includes the father and daughter combination of kabuki actor Matsumoto Koshiro (64) and actress Matsu Takako (29), as well as comedian Morita "Publish PostTamori" Kazuki (61).

[info] L'Arc~en~Ciel on IMF

Posted: 2007-04-24 19:54:41







Wednesday, April 25, 2007

[Vid] Bambino


I don't know anything yet about this drama. It's based on a manga with the same title.

Here's some sort of preview. Thank to cch3rrry

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

[Vid] KinKi Kids in Hey3 Telephone Box

This is so cute!^^ Koichi hugged Tsuyo in his answer to celebrating KK 10th anniversary. Date: 23 April 2007

Thank you to addictedtodk for share..

Monday, April 23, 2007

[info] New Face of L'Arc~en~Ciel site

Check out to the site

There's info that the ticket concert 'Are You Ready/' also sold out.

I wonder what is the meaning of it. Perhaps Hyde design it?

[Song] KinKi Kids new song - Brand New Song (?, yes, that's the title)

Yes, the title is 'Brand New Song', confusing isn't it? Anyway, I'm still waiting for streaming, here we go: Thanks to ashi51 for uploading it at YouTube.

Ok, I have listen to it. Not the kind of easy-to-love song for non-KK fans. After Music of LIfe, I'm hoping for another heavy song. In Brand New Song, can't hear Koichi's. I will wait for their performance of this song. Somehow I can like songs after I heard it performed live^^ Oh I like the concept of this PV unless those 2 squirell girls :P I need to find the lyric, hope someone can translate it.
Anyway, I hope they will release Music of Life, I really really really like the song! The song is a wonderful work of Tsuyo and Koichi that I'm really proud of!

Friday, April 20, 2007

[News - K-Movie] Top Producer Talks About Three-Star Hat-Trick

Updated Apr.20,2007 09:18 KST

Top Producer Talks About Three-Star Hat-Trick
Director Kim Ji-woon
Next Wednesday, the stellar triumvirate of Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun and Jung Woo-sung gather to start filming “The Good, the Bad and the Weird.” Simply by starring the three stars, the movie is generating huge advance buzz. The Chosun Ilbo spoke to Director Kim Ji-woon (43).

"As a movie fan, I have certain wishes. Why are there no movies in Korea like “Ocean's Eleven” that gather an ensemble of superstars? There should be at least one such movie in my generation, never mind popularity and ambition.”

That begs the question how difficult it was. The audience may be delighted, but persuading the stars must have been a headache for Kim. Every star, after all, has a tendency to think of him- or herself as the center of the universe. Catering to the emotional needs of three solar systems can’t have been easy.

Even though the three actors are reportedly close, Kim seems reluctant to talk about the point. After some thought, he puts it this way: Lee Byung-hun is “the most questioning actor in Korea”, Song Kang-ho is “Korea's super actor” and Jung Woo-sung has “ambitions as a director.” “Of course it wasn’t easy. For many stars acting is only possible if they understand the character, but that’s especially true for Lee Byung-hun.” How much so? Kim smiles. "Byung-hun may be unhappy to hear this, but for example, if I convince him to play the character on April 1, he calls on April 3 saying he doesn’t understand. If I convince him again the next day, he calls on April 5 saying some part is strange." Kim adds, "As you can see, he is stubborn about his parts."

From left: Song Kang-ho, Jung Woo-sung and Lee Byung-hun
Even though they call each other brothers -- in order of Song, Lee and Jung -- there is a certain tension. But Kim is undeterred. "I’m excited about the prospect of seeing Song, Lee and Jung Woo-sung in the same frame,” he says. “I’m going to give the audience a picture and a story they have never seen in Korean movies."

( )


This is really interesting. Song Kang-ho (b.1967), Jung Woo-sung (b.1973), Lee Byung-hun (b.1970). I wonder whether the director ever consider Jang Dong Gun? :D

Another interesting thing, Each has 3 years different ages :D

Thursday, April 19, 2007

[News] Ninomiya stars in 'Marathon' remake

Source: Sanspo, tokyograph

Mon, April 16, 2007 (4:48pm EDT)Kazunari Ninomiya of Arashi will star in a TBS drama special this fall, adapted from the popular 2005 Korean movie "Marathon." The movie is based on the true story of a young man with autism who trains to become a marathon runner. Actress Misako Tanaka will play the role of his mother, while TOKIO's Masahiro Matsuoka will play his coach.

Publish Post
A good news from Ninomiya. I've seen the Korean movie. Cho Seung-woo who played the role autistic boy did great in the movie. I hope Nino will do great too.

[News] Lee Byung-hun cast for HERO the movie

Fuji signs Lee Byung Hun for 'Hero'
Film to be based on hit TV show


TOKYO -- Fuji TV has signed Korean heartthrob Lee Byung Hun to star in "Hero," a pic based on its hit show skedded for a September release.
The original show, first broadcast in 2001, featured Japanese megastar Takuya Kimura ("Love and Honor") as a rule-bending public prosecutor. A "Hero" special aired last year scored a 30-plus rating, encouraging Fuji to make a feature pic with Kimura reprising his TV role. Also starring in the pic are Takako Matsu and Kabuki actor Koshiro Matsumoto. Lee will play Kimura's Korean counterpart, who joins forces with the Japanese prosecutor when a case brings him to the Korean port town of Pusan.
The "Korean wave" of Korean pics and TV shows that flooded into Japan in mid-decade has subsided, with hits becoming few and far between, but Lee has emerged as one of the Korean stars most recognized by Japanese auds for his work in the Japan-released "JSA," "Bungee Jumping on Their Own," "Everybody Has Secrets" and "Three ... Extremes."


Lee Byung-hun is good actor, though I didn't like him. I prefer Jo In-sung or Song Seung-hun to be the cast.

[News] Virginia Tech Massacre (16 april 2007)

AP - Thu Apr 19, 1:10 AM ET

South Korean Cardinal Nicolas Cheong Jin-suk burns incense in honor of the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting massacre in Blacksburg, Va. during a special memorial mass at Myungdong Cathedral in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, April 19, 2007. South Koreans mourned the deaths of those killed in the Virginia Tech shootings at a special church service Thursday, some fighting back tears from the guilt that a fellow South Korean was responsible for the massacre. (AP Photo/ Lee Jin-man)


What a tragedy.. #_#

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


New Rock Band arrived! I serach for Arashi and yet I found this n__n A new band named ONE OK ROCK, debuted last year. The band members are:

  • TAKA (vocals)
  • Toru (vocals and guitar)
  • Ryota (bass)
  • Alex (guitar)
  • Tomoya (drums)
Apparently, this TAKA is former Johnny's group NewS. I remember that NewS at first has 9 members and 3 of the member quitted till 6 now. So TAKA is one of those quit. He use Moriuchi Takahiro back then and now just TAKA.

Moriuchi Takahiro while in NewS

Here's 3 PV of One Ok Rock on YouTube. Thank to people who upload them. I like those songs. It's different with what I thought it would be (thought it'll be a hard rock). But nice and interesting songs with 2 vocalist. One do the rock-rap and the other is TAKA. He has nice voice. I'm sure they will success.

Keep It Real (2006)

Naihi shinsho (2007)

Moshimo taiyou ga nakunatta toshitara

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

[Book] Totto-chan

While I'm searching something, I found this, Totto-chan. I bought the book years ago and my ex-boss borrowed it and didn't return it :( Seems I have to buy the book again.

Here is the info:,_the_Little_Girl_at_the_Window

[Prv] Me again..

I knew I spent too much time for play than work now. Had to stop, at least reduce it. Yeah I know. I might can do it soon since I will have more workload later. Yah, ganbatte to me since I really have to work hard to make it. Yosh!

[Article - Ninomiya] The story is written on this actor's face

I found this interesting article about Nino, from Los Angeles Times. Great job, Nino-kun! Watching some variety show Arashi in, I also found Nino as interesting character. I think Nino already beat Sho in my mind^^ Gomen ne Sho :P

January 28, 2007

The story is written on this actor's face
Kazunari Ninomiya, 23, expands an already long résumé as the "Iwo Jima" soldier onwhose visage war's toll is etched.

By Bruce Wallace, Times Staff Writer

Tokyo — Kazunari Ninomiya's face is unblemished, almost fragile, a porcelain slate of innocence onto which director Clint Eastwood projects the emotional toll of war in "Letters From Iwo Jima." Ninomiya plays Saigo, an apolitical baker conscripted into the doomed defense of the island, fighting not for the generals or the emperor but only to survive and return to his wife and infant daughter. Through his eyes we see battle, its cynicism, fear, the hatreds and pity. An unknown actor to American audiences, his face was perfect for Eastwood's Everyman.

But in Japan, Ninomiya is a mega-star, a face you can't avoid. This wisp of a 23-year-old has been in the business since he was 14. Big screen and small. Theater. A singer and dancer in Arashi (Storm), one of Japan's most popular male idol bands (and the Japanese love their idol bands). Ninomiya does TV commercials. He does radio shows, and he's a regular presence in Japan's mass-selling fan magazines. Even his voice is in demand, heard as one of the leading characters in the feature-length anime "Tekkon Kinkreet." The kid likes to work.

"It's different from wanting to be a star — I've always wanted to create something, I want to share the joy of creation with others," Ninomiya said between appearances last month for the Tokyo premiere of "Letters," which remains at the top of the Japanese box office weeks after release. The first screenings had left several young women in the audience in tears, though it was hard to tell whether they were crying over Saigo's story or from excitement when Ninomiya appeared on stage to take a bow with his costars after the credits. (hahahaa^^)

Cute? Well, yes

Creativity doesn't usually come high on the list of skills needed to succeed in Japanese pop culture, where cuteness is prized above all. Ninomiya is a product of the artist management company Johnny & Associates, founded in 1963 by California-born Johnny Kitagawa, which has produced the cutest of the cute in the boy idol industry.

With his stable of talent — talento as it is known here — Johnny's exerts extraordinary power over Japanese entertainment. Kitagawa's formulaically engineered idol bands, beginning with the Four Leaves in 1968 and continuing today with the omnipresent SMAP and a steady stream of other squeal-inducers like Arashi, don't just sing. Selected from thousands of auditioning teens, the idols are trained to dance, act and handle themselves on TV as part of Kitagawa's grooming for stardom. He uses established stars to leverage TV exposure for newcomers, a grip over the celebrity-thirsty networks that is commercially successful but also suggests that Johnny's is more factory than talent incubator.

Yet many here argue that Ninomiya is different from most of the cookie-cutter cuties of the idol world. He acted before he sang, debuting on stage rather than TV, in a production of "Stand by Me" at age 14. He had the River Phoenix role.

"Nino stood out early," says Julie Fujishima, a vice president at Johnny's. "He came to us to become a talento, but it was obvious he had a talent for acting." Fujishima says Ninomiya's breakthrough came in a TV drama called "Amagigoe" that aired on New Year's Day 1998. "He was very special, very good, and it got everyone's attention."

More TV dramas followed (TV tends to create bigger stars among Japanese fans than the movies do). And in 1999, Ninomiya became one of the five young stars selected by Johnny's to join Arashi, a J-pop troupe that made its singing and dancing debut on a cruise ship off Hawaii before it had a record out.

"I always liked singing," Ninomiya says. "When I was in the car with my family we'd always play music. I liked American bands, and I went to a Bon Jovi concert when they came to Tokyo Dome. Also Backstreet Boys. When I go to concerts by Japanese musicians, I tend to study them. But American musicians entertain me."

A string of Arashi hits predictably followed, though the relentlessly bland J-pop is not really about the music but about the look. It was Jun Matsumoto, with his ripped abs, who emerged as the band's biggest heartthrob, its Davy Jones, to use a Monkees analogy.

Arashi members have all cultivated different personalities for their fans, and Ninomiya is known as the "actor" in the group. He made his first movie in 2002, a supporting role in a drama called "Pikanchi, Life Is Hard, but Happy." He continued to find theater roles, playing the James Dean role of Jim Stark in a two-month run of "Rebel Without a Cause" in 2005.

And this month, he starts a TV series called "Dear Father," in which he plays an apprentice chef working for a tough Tokyo master. He laughs when asked if he can cook. "No," he says as he emerges from the set's kitchen during a break in the shooting, his hands wet from washing dishes. "But the work is fun."

"There's a real personality to his acting," says Rieko Miyamoto, the show's director. "He can act with his mouth and his eyes." So Ninomiya was an obvious candidate when Eastwood sent out a casting call to Japanese actors for "Letters From Iwo Jima." In addition to his talent, the studio calculated that Ninomiya's J-pop aura might drag a younger crowd to the box office, a tactic that has paid off to some degree, though Warner Bros. exit figures still show that the bulk of the movie's Japanese audience is in its late 30s to early 50s.

Audition tapes were sent across the Pacific to the late Phyllis Huffman, the casting director who had been a longtime Eastwood collaborator. Johnny's had another of its stars in mind for the Saigo role and Ninomiya was originally cast as Private Shimizu, the idealistic military policeman sent to Iwo Jima as punishment for showing mercy toward civilians. But Eastwood had not settled on his Saigo, and the director asked Ninomiya to read again for that part.

A personal connection

Like most young Japanese, Ninomiya had only a sketchy idea about the events at Iwo Jima in early 1945. Unlike most of his contemporaries, he at least knew where the tiny volcanic island is located because he has a map of Japan on the wall of his bathroom at home "and when I sit down, Iwo Jima is right in front of my eyes."

He went into the role the way Japanese soldiers went to battle: unsure of the fate that awaited them, suppressing their emotions. Japanese directors like to exaggerate emotions, he says, cranking up the tears and the music. "They make movies with greater and greater emotion, and it's not realistic," Ninomiya says. "So if you make a movie [like 'Letters'] that is based on reality, some people will find it uninteresting. They will say I should have cried more in certain scenes."

Ninomiya shed his tears after the film was in the can. His grandfather had been a soldier sent off to fight Japan's imperial wars. And he told his grandson about his war: stationed in the occupied Korean peninsula, taken prisoner by Soviet troops, incarcerated in Siberia.

Then the grandson, having played a suffering soldier facing slaughter in a hopeless cause, found himself one night watching another war drama on Japanese TV.

"I couldn't stop crying," he says. "I cried, because it was my grandfather's story."


Monday, April 16, 2007

[Trailer] Letter from Iwo Jima - Trailer

Here's the trailer.. I can't wait for the movie to come here.

Friday, April 13, 2007

[Vid] Arashi - Kotoba Yori Taisetsu na Mono

I just finished "Stand up! (2003)" yesterday. Aw, it's R-rated^^ Starrign Ninomiya Kazunaru (Arashi), Shun Oguri, Yamashita Tomohisa (NewS), Narimiya Hiroki, Anne Suzuki. And here's the soundtrack (i only hear it in closing song). A very happy song n___n

[News] Laundry Warrior Casting

There's interesting news about the story line and casting role. Read here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

[Info] Bushi no Ichibun (Love and Honor) DVD release - 1 June 2007

That's great, the DVD (with English sub) finally release. Just it's a bit expensive, I might not buy now. Later I will. (Deluxe edition) (Japan edition)

[B'day] Happy Birthday Tsuyo-kun!


Monday, April 09, 2007

[Pic] Hydeist

From Hydeist... winter and spring design..

[Rev] Sinking of Japan ~ Nihon Chinbotsu

Aaah finally, I watched the movie. Kino, me and other smappies gathered to check out how is the new cineplex in town, BlitzMegaplex. Hohooo it's a cineplex with 11 theater. While looking at the posters, one friend saw Tsuyoshi!^^ Akhirnya setelah clingak clinguk, malu-malu mau tanya harga tiket, akhirnya ada juga yg memberanikan diri (siapa ya?), akhirnya dapet info.. tiket 25rb karena filmnya masuk 'special show' dan mulai 16.30 .. setengah jam lagi main! dan kita2 (ber-11) langsung heboh gitu, nonton gak yaaaa.. ada yang takut kemaleman (termasuk daku O_O ).. Tapi akhirnya setelah menimbang, 25rb dan kapan lagi bisa liat Tsu di layar lebarrr.. kita nonton. Setelah ribut nentuin bangku karena tempat enak yang tersisa cuma diujung, dan terpisah kebawah. Akhirnya aku berdua Kiky terpisah 2 orang dengan Qnuy dan Itatsuyo (both are Tsu ichiban yang heboh itu^^).

Baru mulai, daku dan Kiky dah cekikikan. Rada gak percaya dan kebanyang 'wiridan'nya Tsu ichiban begitu liat doi close up di layar (yang ternyata emang lebar banget!). Singkat cerita, filmnya oke! Tadinya rada khawatir, karena sebelahku kan cowok (udah umur om-om gitu) tapi ternyata reaksinya tuh yang woaa, awww, aaaahh..^^ CG-nya krennn.. daku jadi lebih curious how itu semua dibuat. Kayaknya musti nonton lagi nih. Lagian, ada 2 adegan yang dicut!! Adegan 'penting' juga kayaknya buat Tsu ichiban^^.

Naaaah sekarang cari cara, supaya Bushi no Ichibun-nya Takuya diputer juga disini. Baru baca kabar kalo film itu akan diputer di Singapore! Mustinya ada goodies, kayak waktu Taegukgi dan The Promise dulu, tapi gak tahu juga. Mustinya di Indo juga pake premier gitu..

Terus katanya juga ada Korean movie Week di sana. Info:
Aku recommend: The Host, 3-Iron, and beberapa lagi yang aku sendiri belum nonton! Maap, tapi katanya sih bagus.

[Lyric] Bonnie Butterfly ~ KinKi Kids

I love this song, Bonnie Butterfly from G Album. It's a sexy song^^ I like the first part, English part.

If you want to feel the same I do, yes open it widly I'll catch you
'Cause I love you baby, look at my eyes and kiss me
If you want me to stay I'll be Ok. Let's make brand new days for us
'Cause I love you baby, I'll be with you

I'm asking at one forum for the performance of this song whether in MS or DB or else, but no one reply yet >_> Why I feel like I was abandoned in the forum??? Because I'm Tsuyo ichiban??? Urghhhh I'm really pissed of!!

OK, here's the complete lyric. Ahh I haven't found the translation yet!


※If You Want To Feel The Same I Do,Yes Open It Widly I'll Catch You.
'Cause I Love You Baby,Look At My Eyes And Kiss Me.
If You Want Me To Stay I'll Be OK.Let's Make Brand New Days For Us.
'Cause I Love You Baby, I'll Be With You.※

I Can't See Your Eyes まだヤなAirの中 ジンのアイス溶ける真夜中

24Hours 君をどうにかしたい 愛のない未来は見れないタイプ

ただ抱き寄せてKissをしても 心まで奪えない
悪い遊びを教えてあげるよ 堕落の中でFind My Mind

そうさ蝶になって 夜を舞って時を越え
君は僕だけの花になって 咲いていて
零れてく 蜜のような
愛をもっと 感情でずっと 君をもっと感じたい


Stay By My Side 日々を持て余すほど 君に溺れている

7Days, Week BonnieとClydeのように 逃げて堕ちていきたいGuy

あきれるくらいKissをしても イラダチは拭えない
今までの恋 消してあげたいよ 猥らの中でLose My Mind

そうさ蝶になって 夜を舞って時を越え
光の軌跡 描いてく
抱きしめて 飽きるほどに

Can You See? ひらひらと Can You Feel? 舞いながら
水を 弾くように君を守りたい
Let Me See ぼろぼろに Let Me Feel 傷ついて
羽が いつかちぎれたとしても

そうさ蝶になって 夜を舞って時を越え
君は僕だけの花になって 咲いていて
零れてく 蜜のような
愛をもっと 感情でずっと 君をもっと感じたい


source for original lyric:

Bonnie Butterfly

If you want to feel the same I do, yes open it widly I'll catch you
'Cause I love you baby, look at my eyes and kiss me
If you want me to stay I'll be Ok. Let's make brand new days for us
'Cause I love you baby, I'll be with you

I can't see you eyes
Mada ya na Air no naka jin no aisu tokeru mayonaka
Imi nai Dry na kotoba o kawashiteru

24 hours kimi o dounika shitai ai no nai mirai wa mirenai taipu
Sukoshi muri shiteru

Tada daki yosete Kiss o shitemo kokoro made ubaenai
Warui asobi o oshiete ageru yo daraku no naka de Find my mind

Sousa chou ni natte yoru o matte toki o koe
Yami o kiri saite tonde yuku
Kimi wa boku dake no hana ni natte saiteite
Koboreteku mitsu no youna
Ai o motto kanjou de zutto kimi o motto kanjitai

If you want to feel the same I do, yes open it widly I'll catch you
'Cause I love you baby, look at my eyes and kiss me
If you want me to stay I'll be Ok. Let's make brand new days for us
'Cause I love you baby, I'll be with you

Stay by my side hibi o mote amasu hodo kimi ni oboreteiru
Boku o aza warau youni me o tojiru

7 days week Boonie to Clyde no youni nigete ochite ikitai Guy
Kanari yume miteru

Akireru kurai Kiss o shitemo iradachi wa nuguenai
Ima made no koi keshite agetai yo midara no naka de Lose my mind

Sousa chou ni natte yoru o matte toki o koe
Hikari no kiseki egaiteku
Kimi wa boku dake no hana ni natte saiteite
Dakishimete akiru hodo ni

Can you see? Hira hira to Can you feel? Mai nagara
Mizu o hiku youni kimi o mamoritai
Let me see horo horo ni Let me feel kizu tsuite
Hane ga itsuka chigireta to shitemo

Sousa chou ni natte yoru o matte toki o koe
Yami o kiri saite tonde yuku
Kimi wa boku dake no hana ni natte saiteite
Koboreteku mitsu no youna
Ai o motto kanjou de zutto kimi o motto kanjitai

If you want to feel the same I do, yes open it widly I'll catch you
'Cause I love you baby, look at my eyes and kiss me
If you want me to stay I'll be Ok. Let's make brand new days for us
'Cause I love you baby, I'll be with you

English Translation here.

G Album

1Bonnie Butterfly

2永遠のbloods (G-mix)




6消えない悲しみ 消せない記憶


8Another Christmas

9Virtual Reality


11停電の夜には -on The Night Of A Blackout-



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[Vid] Music of Life ~ KinKi Kids

I found this song, Music of Life. I don't know, I didn't see the title in their previous album, so perhaps this is their new song.
I like the song. Hope can find the lyric soon. It seems Koichi got more part in this song. Oh and there's band members that also Tsuyo's band members.
Ok, here's someone upload it on youtube, from DB show.

[Rev] Tsuyoshi Domoto Concert Live (2nd) 2004

Yesterday, finally, I watched Tsuyoshi Domoto's concert. I was hesitate to watch it because I think I like KinKi Kids's song the most (I heard one of Tsuyo's song, and one Koichi's song, and I'm not interested). Since nothing I can watch anymore, so I watch it. OMG, it's great. I do like Tsuyo's voice the most, and his solo was amazing. The band was amazing. I like Tsuyoshi's taste in music. Some songs I like: Panic disorder, Devil, Original Color, and some song in hiragana and kanji.

I think I'm gonna try Koichi concert too :)

to be continued...

[MS] Music Station April 6th

I have to work today, on weekend! :( But there's one thing that made my day, here;

Free Image Hosting at
I see GLAY, some of TOKIO members... no SMAP seen ..

Thursday, April 05, 2007

[News] Actor Jang Dong-gun to Star in Hollywood Film

Chosun Ilbo, Englsih Edition
Apr.5,2007 06:42 KST

Actor Jang Dong-gun will make his Hollywood debut in a Korean-U.S. fantasy-action movie called "Laundry Warrior." Hollywood producer Barrie Osborne, who made "The Matrix" and "The Lord of the Rings," will partner with Lee Joo-ick, the CEO of Boram Entertainment and the producer of "The Seven Swords" and "Battle of Wits", to make the US$30 million film.

Jang will act alongside Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi when the movie starts filming in the U.S. next month. Korean director Lee Seung-moo will helm the production. Boram Entertainment and Jang are planning to hold press conferences in Korea and in the U.S. this month to release further details.

( )

English Chosun


Jang Goes to Hollywood

By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

Jang Dong-gun

Korean top actor Jang Dong-gun will debut in Hollywood in a film starring Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi.

The 35-year-old actor Jang will appear in the film, ``Laundry Warrior,’’ which will be produced by Oscar winner Barrie Osborne. Osborne produced ``The Lord of Rings’’ film trilogy and ``The Matrix.’’

The film’s shooting is expected to begin around May in the United States. The film is a joint production of the U.S., Korea and China.

Zhang will play a dynamic cowgirl in the film, her second alongside a top Korean actor after Jung Woo-sung in ``The Warriors’’ (2001).

The Boram Entertainment Company, a Korean film production firm, which worked on other joint productions such as ``Seven Swords,’’ (2005) and ``Battle of Wits’’ (2006), will co-produce the film in association with Osborne.

``This week, Jang and his agent will go to the Hollywood to wrap up a final contract after reviewing the final conditions,’’ a statement from his agency said.

The Hollywood production is a blockbuster fantasy movie costing $30 million, and will feature high-tech visual effects.

Jang starred in the Korean gangster movie ``Friends'' (2000) and ``Taegukgi'' (2004). He also appeared in Chinese director Chen Kaige’s epic ``The Promise.''

Zhang has starred in ``Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'' and ``Memoirs of a Geisha.'' She recently finished shooting the crime thriller ``The Horsemen'' in Canada.

04-04-2007 19:42

Korea Times

I can't wait for the press conference, especialy in US. Jang speak English! *rolleyes*

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

[News] Nintendo DS

Nintendo have updated their official Korean website revealing that the DS will be able to go online from early April onwards!

Nintendo first opened their Korean subsidiary in July last year, thus the DS Lite became the first Nintendo system to be released in South Korea earlier this year on the 18th of January. Priced at ₩150,000 (around $150), and with well-known Korean actor Jang Dong-gun helping with promotion, the DS is really starting to find its feet.

It is already available in four different colours (Crystal White, Jet Black, Noble Pink and Ice Blue), more than most other territories were treated to in the first couple of months after launch. And according to the official Nintendo of Korea website, the DS Lite will also be able to play online games starting on the 5th of April.Mario Kart DS will be the first Wi-Fi compatible title for Korea, just as it was the first game to ever make use of Nintendo’s free online service when it was first released around the rest of the world back in 2005. So, for all your Mario Kart players out there, make sure you keep an eye out for some hot new competition come April 5th, give 'em a warm welcome!Mar 23, 2007

News by Karn Bianco.

[News] Chang Dong-gun to Advance to Hollywood with Zhang Ziyi

Actor Chang Dong-gun and world-renowned star Zhang Ziyi will debut in Hollywood through the fantasy movie "Laundry Warrior."

Directed by Lee Seung-moo, "Laundry Warrior" is a joint project of South Korea, China and the United States.

It will be produced by Boram Film, which has also produced other joint projects such as "Seven Swords" and "A Battle of Wits," with the participation of Barrie Osborn, who also produced the "Matrix" series and "The Lord of the Rings."

Chang's decision to debut in Hollywood will be finalized this month after negotiations of all terms and conditions are finished. His partner will be Zhang Ziyi.

China's Xinhua agency wrote in a story about Zhang that the actress's next work will be the movie "Laundry Warrior," where she plays opposite Chang.

Apr, 4, 2007

KBS Global



Yeah, it's confirmed. I did not like Zhang Zi Yi. She's a good actress, but I just don't like her. Looking at the production team, I'm sure the movie will be good. And I hope Jang Dong-gun's acting will catch all audience.

Him and her?
Can't believe I did this @@

[Rev] Grave of Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka) - 1998

Novel by Nosaka Akiyuki
Produced by Studio Ghibli

Taking place toward the end of World War II in Japan, Grave of the Fireflies is the poignant tale of the relationship between two orphaned children, Seita (清太) and his younger sister Setsuko (節子). The children lose their mother in the firebombing of Kobe, and their father in service to the Imperial Japanese Navy, and as a result they are forced to try to survive amidst widespread famine and the callous indifference of their countrymen (some of whom are their own extended family members).

The story is based on the semi-autobiographic novel by the same name, whose author, Nosaka, lost his sister due to malnutrition in 1945 wartime Japan. He blamed himself for her death and wrote the story so as to make amends to her and help him accept the tragedy.

Movie detail (2005)

picture credit: ?


I don't know what to say, it made me feel out of breath, instead of crying. You should see it for yourself. I'm going to find the movie version by Nanako Matsushima, Inoue Mao (Hanadan), Sawamura Ikki, Tsuyoshi Ihara and Hoshi Ishida (as Seita). This Hoshi Ishida (b.1990) is so familiar, he really look like the one of the children in drama Engine (2005) with Kimura Takuya.

I found it! Yes, Hoshi Ishida was in Engine. His role Daisuke, the rebellion boy n__n

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

[Vid] Johnny's Sport 2001(TOKIO V6 KinKi Kids Jr.)

I found this on YouTube posted by sylvia244. From Johnny's Sport 2001. Oh I really wish SMAP can join :(
This is cute. I don't know what it said exatcly, but it seems The JE groups (so far I recognize TOKIO, V6, Kinki Kids, Arashi, News, Kat-tun) divided in 2 group, red and white. It seems that the boys in red group are bad boy type^^ See the clip, you'll know what I mean. There are I recognize in red group; Tomoya Nagase, Joshima Shigeru, Tsuyoshi Domoto, Junichi Okada, Kazunari Ninomiya, Hiroshi Nagano, Masayuki Sakamoto , Tsubasa Imai. And on the white group, I only recognize; Matsuoka Masahiro, Yamaguchi Tatsuya, Yoshihiko Inohara, Takizawa Hideaki, Aiba Masaki, Yamashita Tomohisa, Akanishi. See what I mean? I was suprised Tsuyoshi was so scary^^
Here enjoy!

[Movie info] Chuushingura 1/47

Credit: kimurafan

The tale of the 47 ronin of ako
Chuushingura 1/47 (2001-12-28)

A story based on the popular kabuki drama. In 1701, Asano Naganori, attacked Lord Kira Kozenosuke with his sword in the Edo Castle after Lord Kira had taunted the young, usually mild mannered Asano. Although Lord Kira's wound was superficial, Asano was ordered by the Shogun to commit seppuku - suicide. Lord Kira, an important retainer of the imperial household, did not receive any reprimand. Asano's land and all the possessions of his family were confiscated.
Thus all this former retainers became Ronin (samurais with no lord).
In 1702, the 46 Ako Ronin (one was already dead) lead by Oishi Kuranosuke (Asano's chief adviser) came back to revenge on their fallen lord against Lord Kira and were victorious.
The 46 Ronin were ordered to commit seppuku later by the Tokugawa Shogunate. (

This drama was an adaptation from the legend Chuushingura, the true story of the 47 ronins (masterless samurai) of the province of Harima.

more info about chuushingura:


The Drama
Title: 忠臣蔵 1/47

  • Title (romaji): Chuushingura 1/47

  • Episodes: 3

  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV

  • Broadcast period: 2001-12-28


Director: Kawake Shunsaku

Kimura play as Horibe Yasube (the young and tempered samurai/ronin)


Credit: unknown (Please inform me if you're the owner of above pics)

Credit: me^^

Fan site:
Buy the drama:


I'm reading the book , Chuushingura 1/47 by John Allyn. I went to book store near by and saw it, I was surprised and happy. I've watched the drama before. What can I say, I like taiga story. Hahaa I can say that now. It's just interesting^^

Monday, April 02, 2007

[Prv] My Old friends

I was so happy. Last days, my two college friends's birthday. I was sending birthday message. This messaging won't happened on occasional days^^ The other lived in the same city, but the other was studying in KL University for her doctoral. I was so happy because there's good news on replying.

The next day, late at night, I was receiving a message from unknown number. It was my third college friend! (we're four close friends). I'm soo excited. She's living in other city and her cellular phone was close down due to inactivity. So it's hardly contact her since then. I'm glad she phone me. I really miss them three....

[Prv] Oh uh... :/

I almost fainted this morning :( Don't know why it happened again. I felt no good before at home, but I cannot not go today.