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Billboard launches Japan music charts

Fri, February 29, 2008 (5:49am EST)

Billboard, best known for its music charts in the U.S., announced on Thursday that it has started providing charts for the Japanese music industry. Rankings will be released on Wednesdays, based on data from more than 3,000 CD shops and 33 radio stations. The charts will be managed by Billboard's partner in Japan, the Osaka-based Hanshin Contents Link.

There are 4 charts in all: Hot 100, Top Albums, Hot 100 Airplay, and Hot Singles Sales. The charts can be publicly viewed at the Billboard Japan site (top 10) or at Tsutaya Online (top 20).

The first set of charts already shows several differences from Oricon's rankings. In particular, the Hot 100 charts do not correspond to any of Oricon's charts, since they are not based only on sales.

Source: Sports Hochi & Tokyograph


I want to see 244 ENDLI-x, KinKi Kids, L'Arc~en~Ciel on the list, better at top one xD

♪ Imagine - Love Event HIGHER in Japan 2007.06.25

I have no idea about this. Tsuyo sang 'Imagine' (originally John Lennon) at NARA Love Event Higher in Japan (thanks to Ochie for correcting the con) concert 2007.06.25. Only him and the keyboardist 十川知司さん.

I found something to ask about the concert that day. Thanks to PINK DEVIL.
- Kerry also sang another John Lennon song, BAG ONE.
- There's a Yoko Ono (小野 洋子) VTR ~ Love (John Lennon)
- HAIR SHOW(?) --> it's Hair art (and I wonder what it is!)
- SC△LE Session (?)
Sounds fun and interesting!

Thanks to: s021009 for the song.

get the song


In 2007, there were 3 live event of ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI:
2007.02.23 - 2007.03.04 - ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI Sparkling Love
                                          Funky Party 2007 at endli9.fun9.la9
▲ 2007.03.16 - 2007.06.24 - ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI Neo Africa Rainbow Ax
                                            Funky Party 2007 at The ENDLI WATER TANK 2
▲ 2007.06.22 - 2007.06.25 - ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI Love Event HIGHER in Japan

An interesting report from Waseda college people who went to attend Endli con as a survey, as Tsuyoshi was #1 for the most unique fashion and hairstyles among men and women.  Read here.  Sugoi Tsuyoshi-san!^^

[bits] new reference

I just awaken from my nap. Headache still haunting, so, while waiting for the Ningen Shikakku download to be finished, I took a sleep. I thought 1 or 2 hours is enough but the headache won't leave :(. But, first part of the episode done. I'll continue the rest tomorrow.
Btw, I just sent a confirmation for my new credit card to Yesasia on our order for the new singles and albums. Hope there won't be any problem *pray*

Ah, I put a new reference on the right column of this blog. To for romanji and translation of All Domoto Tsuyoshi Albums and Singles [\(^o^)/], some KinKi Kids songs and SMAP songs plus MC part translations from MIJ concert. I have the concert for 4 years and now I will understand what they've talked finally^^
I still will do the romanji for myself though. I need to learn xD
So, can you imagine how happy I am today? I saved all translations and will read it one by one. (to Wenn, finally we have something more to discuss^^).

Ok, I'm off to bed~ Oyasumi nasai..

Thursday, February 28, 2008

[dorama] Ningen Shikkaku - たとえばぼくが死んだら

I'm currently waiting for Ningen Shikkaku drama (Broadcast period: 1994-Jul-08 to 1994-Sept-23) to be subbed. Thanks to Love Song Forums, finally we can watch the drama with English subs.

人間・失格 - たとえばぼくが死んだら
Ningen Shikkaku ~ Tatoeba boku ga shindara ~ (If I were about to die)

Three tales raise unsettling questions about the central qualities of being human. In one, a father is torn between love for his son and the desire for revenge, while a second examines the twisted love of a teacher for his female colleague. The third story delves into the complex affections hidden within a bully. -- TBS

Tsuyoshi got an award as Best Newcomer for this drama (yay!)

  • Ep 01: Rules of Bullying
  • Ep 02: Hypocritical Friends
  • Ep 03: Forbidden Puppy Love
  • Ep 04: Longing Due to Forced Separation
  • Ep 05: The Courage to Not Run Away
  • Ep 06: The Last Letter
  • Ep 07: A Father's Revenge (Part 1)
  • Ep 08: A Father's Revenge (Part 2)
  • Ep 09: Youth's Departed Soul
  • Ep 10: The Remaining Target
  • Ep 11: The Final Decision
  • Ep 12: Supporting the Bridge of Tomorrow

(To Tsuyo; I was like, eeehhh so cute!!)
(To Koichi; I was like, eeehhh what's with that line, Ruka?? xD)
Looking at Ruka's face, this is looks like a contrary from Wakaba no koro xD

Did I always tell Tsuyo has talent in acting? xD
I can sense dark side from the first episode already >_>


When I did those caps, I haven't watch it..just skip-skip and did capture. So, I just finished watching it and then continue watching episode 2 and i have to stop after 10/15 minutes.
I cried on the first episode and I feel hurt inside on the first minute of episode 2. Am I too subjective? Maybe, but that's what happened. I have no idea whether I can continue watching it.
It's too painful to see Tsuyo, I mean Makoto treated like that. It was painful to see him beaten. I want to finished the drama, I want to see the Best NewComer in action. If not because I'm just too subjective, then this drama could be beat Kimura's [Sorakara furu ichioku no hoshi] >_>
He's just too good and I'm just too sensitive. Maybe.

I watched episode 2 :P
Maybe last time I was just too sensitive. Though the scenes still harsh for me, I can manage to watch it. I hate bullying especially among kids. It's just not right.
Can't wait for episode 3. Hope everything gets better for Makoto :(

I watched episode 3.
It's getting worst. I mean the bullying. I haven't really watch it though, just skip and skip. I'll watch it for real, later. But I don't think it will changed my opinion
Poor Makoto. The world is just do nothing but cruel to him...(*´ο`*)=3

tidbits from I and 愛

track 12: arco iris --> means rainbow in Spanish xD
(Thanks to akani304 for pointed this out)

♪ 白い世界へ (shiroi sekai e) by KinKi Kids

白い世界へ/Shiroi sekai e (To a white world) was performed at 3 days panic KinKi kids @ Tokyo Dome 1998. Watch the performance here and get the song here >> i'll upload it soon I get home (thanks to kinki大饭). Yup, it's Koichi who played the piano \(^o^)/
Thanks to Papersnow for the romanji and translation of the song. (I just knew it was composed and written by Tsuyoshi!!)

note: This song was not recorded in any release, so it's a treasure~
I feel my headache completely gone now xD but the nausea won't leave :(


Found the kanji lyric, so i give my own romanji

Shiroi sekai e

作曲/lyric:堂本 剛
作詞/music:堂本 剛

machi ga akari o chikazaru koro ni
yozora wa hoshi tachi o matotta
boku ga kimi o omou koro ni
kimi wa nani o omou
furi sosogu yuki o sotto utsushita
maru de tenshi no okurimono
boku wa yozora ni riyou te hirogeta
maru de tenshi no you ni...

kono mama doko e ikou ka
ooki na chizu o hiraki
yasashisa o kaze e to kaete
nagare ni mi o azukeyou
kitto kimi no moto e
sou kitto...

haruka na shiroi sekai e
uso no nai yuki no sekai e
hitori jya sabishi sugiru kara
ai o nosete kimi o sarai ni yuku yo
ii darou?

そう 君と…
chisana mune no naka de
umareta yume o kakae
shizuka ni hitomi o tojireba
ai to iu kotoba
mamotte yukeru sa
sou kimi to...

ボク たけじゃ だょぅになぃがら
haruka na shiroi sekai e
uso no nai yuki no sekai e
boku dake jya dayou ni naigara
towa o nosete kimi o sarai ni yuku yo
ii darou?

(Thanks to asuka for the kanji lyric)


[info] Who's next guest on Shindoi March 5th?

Next guest for Shoujiki Shindoi on March 5th are 眞鍋 かをり (Manabe Kaori) and 陣内智則 (Tomonori Jinnai) >> sou sou, he is the husband of Norika Fujiwara.

I'm looking for the last night Shindoi with Ryuta Sato (Master in Kisarazu Cat's Eyes)..

PS: arghh i found fancam for Phi con on January 1st! But, i couldnt d/l from office~ Need to hurry, since i read that Johnny's after those fancams. Or maybe I should just patiently wait for the original? xD
I'm feeling better this morning cause I didn't take my medicines. I have to or my work won't finish on schedule.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

[bits of pieces] I feel like flying...

I almost can't take this. I went to the doctor yesterday for routine control for my GD and the cough. He gave me mefenamic acid and prednisolone that makes me in bad drowsiness and headache! My throat feel better but the headache and nausea makes me crazy! I got work loads and i don't think i can finish it now @_@

[news] Hiroshi Abe now a husband

Tue, February 26, 2008 (3:29pm EST)

43-year-old actor Hiroshi Abe is now officially married, it was learned on Tuesday. Last November, he announced that he was engaged to a 28-year-old woman. They held a private wedding at the start of this month, and last week they formally registered the marriage.

The two had been dating for about a year and a half when Abe proposed in August. They have already started living together in a Tokyo apartment.

Source: Sankei Sports & Tokyograph



SDK #329 2008.02.24 - Ayado Chie

Just finished watching the latest SDK (thanks to ufobaby~). The guest was Ayado Chie. This is her 2nd or 3rd at SDK? I only seen her once before.

Well, I don't understand the talk xD Only the part which Ayado-san (b.1957) asked who she will choose for
koibito--> Tom-san
husband --> Tsuyoshi
息子/son? --> Koichi
I don't understand what Takamizawa was chosen for xD
Loved if this one being subbed.

Sakuragi sensei is back! \(^o^)/

Beside so casual this time, Koichi looks sooo thin!

Other person who cut his hair and looks neat, beside Tsuyo

Takeda Shinji

The ending song, they sing 'Isn't she lovely' (originally by Stevie Wonder). I like her voice =)

Ok, can't wait for the next episode with Morisanchu xD
I'm off to bed! headache *_*

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

[animated] Koichi & Tsuyoshi

Just finished watching SDK#322 2008.01.06 unseen footage with subs by Mimosa51244. Hohoo.. most of it were sukebe talk? xD and most of showed how silly was Koichi^^
For example is this one,

Koichi as cash register machine ^o^ I was laugh so hard when I saw him did that! He's so spontaneous, funny, sometimes made me think 'what the hell was he thinking??'^^
And I do hesitate to make one on Kaba-chan episode xD

My fave part is the talk between Koichi x Aoki Sayaka^^ That episode was extremely fun! I think it was the first time I saw Koichi looks dashing xD

This one is Tsuyo at the ending of the latest Shindoi. Chicken dance? lol

nice closing xD

Monday, February 25, 2008

new glasses + 244 ENDLI-x New Album

I just came back from the optic store getting my new glasses. My eyes seems helpless :( Too much staring at the boys perhaps? ^^ Well, I need time to adapt the new one since it's new lens and it makes me a bit dizzy.

Gosh... it's not a bit dizzy, it makes me dizzzzy!! I feel nausea :( from -1.5 to -2.25 plus the cylinder on both eyes @_@

Bikurishita! I was check on HMV and couldn't find I and Ai B version! Sold out? Wow. Yesasia still have it. Should I get it too? xD So tempting, but I have to calm down...

[info] Guest for the next SDK #330

According to the SDK site, next guest on SDK #330 2008.03.02 is 森三中 (Morisanchu). Must be fun^^

[pic] KinKi Kids in Oricon Style 2008.03.03

credit to denwa as posted at boyspaper

My throat feel hurt since few days ago and it's not getting better yet. I think this cha will do good...

Arashi announces "5 dome tour"

Sun, February 24, 2008 (5:40pm EST)

Pop group Arashi has announced that they are doing a concert tour of the five major domes - Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Sapporo. The only other Johnny's artists who have done a "5 dome tour" are SMAP and KinKi Kids.

The tour, titled "ARASHI Marks 2008 Dream-A-live," consists of 10 performances, starting in Osaka on May 16 and ending in Sapporo on July 6. The total audience is expected to be about 440,000 people.

Source: Sankei Sports & Tokyograph


omedetto~ Arashi is getting bigger eh?
I knew SMAP is big. Wow... KinKi is big too!^^

Friday, February 22, 2008



About to release on April 2, 2008.

Kurikaesu 春/Kurikaesu Haru (Japan Version)

Limited Edition
New single release from 244 Endli-x (pronounced: Tsuyoshi Endlichs), the new name for Tsuyoshi Domoto's project Endlicheri Endlicheri. Single features the same techno sound heard on the upcoming full-lneght album.
Limited edition includes:
- bonus 3-side,
- 6-fold jackett with alternate artwork
- bonus tracks "Let's try the love" and "Kurikaesu 春 -Backing Track -" (both not available on the standard edition).

Original Edition
New single release from 244 Endli-x (pronounced: Tsuyoshi Endlichs), the new name for Tsuyoshi Domoto's project Endlicheri Endlicheri. Single features the same techno sound heard on the upcoming full-lneght album.
Regular edition includes:
- bonus 3-side,
- 6-fold jacket
- bonus track "Oh Lord!" (not available with the limited edition).

I AND 愛 (Japan Version)

Original Edition
New full-length album from 244 ENDLI-x (pronounced: Tsuyoshi Endlichs), the new name for Tsyoshi Domoto's project Endlicheri Endlicheri. Album features a funk and techno sound, with guest performances from Bonnie Pink and Chaka of Psy S.
Regular edition features:
- 2-side, 4-page jacket artwork and folded lyrics sheet.

w/ Live CD (B)
New full-length album from 244 ENDLI-x (pronounced: Tsuyoshi Endlichs), the new name for Tsyoshi Domoto's project Endlicheri Endlicheri. Album features a funk and techno sound, with guest performances from Bonnie Pink and Chaka of Psy S.
This limited edition includes:
- bonus live CD (unreleased live recording, four songs/33 minutes).
- Features twin digipak case, 8-sided 16-fold poster (front is poster, back is lyrics).

w/ DVD (A)
New full-length album from 244 ENDLI-x (pronounced: Tsuyoshi Endlichs), the new name for Tsyoshi Domoto's project Endlicheri Endlicheri. Album features a funk and techno sound, with guest performances from Bonnie Pink and Chaka of Psy S.
This limited edition includes:
- bonus DVD with live footage from 244 ENDLI-x's June 25, 2007 performance
- the music video for "Help Me Help Me . . ."
- Features twin-tray digipak case and 32-page booklet.
*Note: single "Kurikaesu 春" is not included on this album.
*Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.

info source:

After long yet quick discussion with Wenn, we both decided to get the Album w/ DVD + Kurikaeshi Haru limited.
I just read from usami-chan about a sankaku seal for those who bought both DVD + single.. but it's for Japan address only :(

All those cover designs looks cool. Tsuyo's hair style from behind resemble [si:] period, makes me think about the booklet inside and the folded poster on B version.
After I read from fluffy's, I am confused now.. Why do it has to be 2 Limited Editions?? >_>

Thursday, February 21, 2008

[lyric] ここにいるよ - Soulja feat.青山テルマ

ここにいるよ - Soulja feat.青山テルマ
Koko ni iru yo feat. Aoyama Thelma

lyric & music: Soulja

※Baby boy わたしはここにいるよ どこもいかずに待ってるよ
Baby boy watashi wa koko ni iru yo doko mo ikazu ni matteru yo
You know dat I love you だからこそ 心配しなくていいんだよ
You know dat I love you dakara koso shinpaishinakute iindayo
donna ni tooku ni itemo kawaranai yo kono kokoro
aitai koto wakaru deshou?
anata no koto matteru yo

不器用な俺 遠くにいる君
bukyou na ore tooku ni iru kimi
伝えたい気持ちそのまま言えずに 君は行っちまった
tsutaetai kimochi sono mama iezu ni kimi wa icchi matta
ima jya nokosareta kimi wa arubamu no naka
電波でしか会えない日々 たけど見えないぜ君の微笑み
denba de shika aenai hibi takedo mienai ze kimi no hohoemi
君のぬくもり 髪の香り こののどの渇きはそのまま満たされずに
kimi no nukumori kami no kaori kono nodo no kawaki wa sono mama mitasarezu ni
過ぎてく日々の中 なんだか君の面影ひたすら探した
sugiteku hibi no naka nandaka kimi no omokage hitasura sagashita
君とよく歩いたあの道は 今俺だけの足音が響いていた
kimi to yoku aruita ano michi wa ima ore dake no ashioto ga hibiiteita
んなことよりお前の方は元気か? ちゃんと飯食ってるか?
nna koto yori omae no hou wa genki ka? chanto meshi kutteru ka?
chikashou, yappa ie nee ya
また今度送るよ 俺からのLetter
mata ima tabi okuru yo ore kara no Letter

(repeat ※)

鎌倉の砂浜で見た君の姿 波にのまれた君に言いたい言葉
kamakura no sunahama de mita kimi no sugata namida ni nomareta kimi no iitai kotoba
なんだかマジせつねぇ 男なのになんで…言葉出てこねぇや
nandaka majisetsunee otoko nano ni nande... kotoba de tekoneya
oboetemasu ka? kimi to itta karaoke no naka
俺が入れた曲の言葉 モニターに浮かんだまま
ore ga ireta ma no kotoba monitaa (monitor) ni ukanda mama
honto wa kimi ni tsutaeta katta
kimi to futari kiri de hajimete machi awase wo shita ano hi
maru de guuzen ni attaka no you ni hashiagi
hohoemu kimi ga wasure rarenaitte
dareka nari sore chimatta ga wakaruyo na? ore ga iitai kotoba
S**t 残り書く場所がねえや
S**t nokori kaku bashou ga nee ya
ごめん 次は絶対に送るから
gomen tsugi wa zattai ni okuru kara

(repeat ※)

俺がもっと金持ちだったら もっとまともな仕事をしてたら
ore ga motto kanemochi dattara motto matomona shigoto wo shitetara
もしもすべて犠牲にできたのなら 俺は絶対に君を…
moshimo subete gisei ni dekita no nara ore wa zettai ni kimi wo...
だがPlease勘違いだけはすんな 君に寂しい思いはさせたくねぇが
daka Please kanchigai dake wa sunna kimi ni sabishii omoi wa sasetakunee ga
isogashii naka anma dare senee ga
baby believe これは all for our future
baby believe sore wa all for our future
But 正直 今すぐ君と会いたい 今すぐ抱きしめてやりたい
But shoujiki imasugu kimi to aitai imasugu dakishimete yaritai
昔 君が俺の隣で座ってた席には もう誰もいないって…
mukashi kimi ga ore no tonari de suwatteta seki ni wa mou daremo inaitte...
まぁ そんな事はいいんだ 言いたいことはそんなんじゃねぇんだ
maa sonna koto wa iinda iitai koto wa sonnan jyanenda
いまさらだが ずっと言いたかった言葉を込め 送るUnsent letter
imasarada ga zutto iitakatta kotoba wo kome okuru Unsent letter

Baby girl わたしはここにいるよ どこもいかずに待ってるよ
Baby girl watashi wa koko ni iru yo dokomo ikazu ni matteru yo
You know dat I love you だからこそ 心配しなくていいんだよ
You know dat I love you dakara koso shinpaishinakute iindayo
donna ni tooku ni itemo kawaranai yo kono kokoro
iitai koto wakaru deshou?
anata no koto matteru yo

Baby boy わたしはここにいるよ どこもいかずに待ってるよ
Baby boy watashi wa koko ni iru yo dokomo ikazu nin matteru yo
You know I love you だからこそ 心配しなくていいんだよ
You know I love you dakara koso shinpaishinakute iindayo
どんなに遠くにいても変わらないよこの心 今なら素直に言えるよ
donna ni tooku ni itemo kawaranai yo kono kokoro ima nara sunao ni ieru yo
I don't eva wanna let you go
I don't eva wanna let you go

get the song (I found the song, but can't upload everything from here. I'll upload right I got home)


[lyric] そばにいるね - 青山テルマ feat.SoulJa

Thank you fluffy for sharing this song =) Apparently, there's 2 versions. Here's the first one.

そばにいるね - 青山テルマ feat.SoulJa
Soba ni iru ne - Aoyama Thelma fet. Soulja


lyric : Soulja - Aoyama Thelma
music: Soulja

※あなたのこと 私は今でも思い続けているよ
anata no koto atashi wa ima demo omoi tsuzukete iru yo
いくら時流れて行こうと I'm by your side baby いつでも
ikura toki nagarete yukou to I'm by your side baby itsudemo
So. どんなに離れていようと
So, donna ni hanarete iyouto
心の中ではいつでも一緒にいるけど 寂しいんだよ
kokoro no naka de wa itsudemo ishou ni iru kedo sabishiindayo
So baby please ただ hurry back home※
So baby please tada hurry back home

△Baby boy あたしはここにいるよ どこもいかずに待ってるよ
Baby boy atashi wa koko ni iru yo doko mo ikazu ni matteru yo
You know dat I love you だからこそ 心配しなくていいんだよ
You know dat I love you dakara koso shinpaishinakute iindayo
donna ni tooku ni itemo kawaranai yo kono kokoro
iitai koto wakaru deshou?
anata no koto matteru yo

んなことよりお前の方は元気か? ちゃんと飯食ってるか?
nna koto yori omae no hou wa genki ka? chanto meshitteru ka?
chikushou, yappa ienee ya
また今度送るよ 俺からのLetter
mata kondotaku okuru yo ore kara no Letter

過ぎ去った時は戻せないけれど 近くにいてくれた君が恋しいの
sugisatta toki wa modosenai keredo chikakuni itekureta kimi ga koishii no
だけど あなたとの距離が遠くなる程に 忙しくみせていた
dakedo anata to no kyori ga tooku naru hodo ni isogashiku miseteita
atashi nigeteta no
だけど 目を閉じる時 眠ろうとする時 逃げきれないよ あなたの事
dakedo hi wo kanjiru toki neburou to suru toki nige kirenai yo anata no koto
思い出しては 一人泣いてたの
omoi dashite wa hitori naiteta no

(repeat ※)
(repeat △)

不器用な俺 遠くにいる君
bukyou na ore tooku ni iru kimi
伝えたい気持ちそのまま言えずに 君は行っちまった
tsutaetai kimochi sono mama iezu ni kimi wa yucchi matta
ima jya nokosareta kimi wa arubamu no naka

アルバムの中 納めた思い出の
arubamu no naka osameta omoi de no
日々より 何げない一時が 今じゃ恋しいの
hibi yori nanigenai hito toki ga ima jya koishii no
And now あなたからの電話待ち続けていた
And now anata kara no denwa machi tsuzuketeita
keita ni girishime nagara nemuri ni tsuita
あたしは どこも行かないよ ここにいるけど
atashi wa doko mo ikanai yo koko ni iru kedo
mitsume aitai anata no hitomi
ねぇわかるでしょ? あたし待ってるよ
nee wakaru deshou? atashi matteru yo

(repeat △)

俺はどこも行かないよ ここにいるけれど 探し続けるあなたの顔
ore wa doko mo ikanai yo koko ni iru keredo sagashi tsuzukeru anata no kao
Your 笑顔 今でも触れそうだって思いながら手を伸ばせば 君は
Your egao ima demo saware sou datte omoi nagara te wo nobaseba kimi wa

(repeat ※ 2x)

get the song


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

[lyric] TSUNAMI - サザンオールスターズ

For the next karaoke^^

TSUNAMI - サザンオールスターズ (2000)
TSUNAMI - Southern All Stars

lyric & music: Kuwata Keisuke

kaze ni tomadou yowake na boku
toori sugaru ano hi no kage
hontou wa mita me ijyou
namida moroi kako ga aru

tomedo nagaru seika mizu yo
kesedo moyuru mashou no hi yo
anna ni suki na hito ni
de au natsu wa nidoto nai

人は誰も愛求めて 闇に彷徨う運命
hito wa dare mo ai motomete yami ni samayou sadame
そして風まかせ Oh,My destiny
soshite kaze makase Oh, My destiny
namida kareru made

mitsume au to sunao ni oshaberi dekinai
tsunami no you na wabishisa ni
I know ..怯えてる.Hoo...
I know... obieteru. hoo....
meguri aeta toki kara mabou ga tokenai
kagami no you na yume no naka de
omoi de wa itsu no hi mo ame

yume ga owari mezameru toki
fukai yami ni yowake ga kuru
hontou wa mita me ijyou
utare tsuyoi boku ga iru

泣き出しそうな空眺めて 波に漂うカモメ
naki dashi sou na sora naga mete nami ni tadayou kamone
きっと世は情け Oh, Sweet memory
kitto yo wa nasake Oh, Sweet memory
tabidachi wo mune ni

hito wa namida misezu ni otona ni narenai
garasu no you na koi dato wa
I know.. 気付いてる,Hoo..
I know... kizuiteru, hoo....
mi mo kokoro mo itoshii hiso shika mienai
hari sake sou na mune no oku de
kanashimi ni taeru no wa naze?

mitsume au to sunao ni oshaberi dekinai
tsunami no you na wabishisa ni
I know..怯えてる,Hoo...
I know...obieteru, hoo...
meguri aeta toki kara shinu made suki to itte
kagami no you na yume no naka de
hohoemi wo kureta no wa dare?

suki nano ni naita no wa naze?
omoi de wa itsu no hi mo....ame


get the song

[bits of pieces] Song... + wallpaper

Tsuyocie mentioned about this song, and I tried to listen and I like it. Very nice tune from Tackey & Tsubasa. I'm not familiar with them, especially Tackey, but I think I heard Tsubasa clearly xD

True Heart (2002)

I changed my wallpaper to this one.

Seems I need to get new t-shirt too^^ Though in here, this new design usually won't available in the same time.

Tsuyoshi Domoto - I Love You (1996)

I got this from I have no idea from what show is this.. Tsuyoshi sang 'I Love You' (originally by Yutaka Ozaki).

download link

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SDK #267 2006.10.22 - Abe Natsumi

Thanks to Mimosa51244 for subbed this episode. It was fun.
I just realized that Abe Natsumi was one of the casts in Diary's Dog.

Tsuyo can't stop grinning since he mentioned about Don Konishi^^

Koichi was so mean this time. But I like when he's mean xD

poor Enari-san

heheee poor Tsuyo. From what i've seen, this is the second time he showed this expression on food xD.

Ah here's what I meant

Who is the one he always sent his complaint to?

Hahaa.. I think I like this episode more than I thought^^
At the manju part, somehow Koichi seemed the only one who felt so confident about that he won't lose, he won't be the one who got the chili manju. Everyone looks worry, but not him. Did he has inner sense? Teased Enari to pick between two manjus left, aren't he worry he might get the chili one? I don't know why, but this is knocked me xD
One more animated Tsuyo for what he's saying..

Kimutaku to play Prime Minister in Fuji TV drama

Mon, February 18, 2008 (9:51pm EST)

Next season, Fuji TV's Monday night drama will star the ever-popular Takuya Kimura. He plays an elementary school teacher who, due to some circumstances, gets involved in the world of politics and eventually becomes the Prime Minister of Japan.

The show, which is currently untitled, is being produced by Hiroyuki Goto. The script is being handled by Yasushi Fukuda, who has written for popular dramas such as "HERO" and "Galileo." Kensaku Sawada ("Saiyuki," "Hero Special") is directing.

Eri Fukatsu co-stars as Kimura's secretary, an ambitious woman aiming to reform the country. She and Kimura last appeared together in the 2002 drama series "Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi."

The drama starts shooting next month and will begin airing in April.

Source: Sankei Sports & Tokyograph


A new drama for Kimura, yay!! elementary school teacher? yay!! Prime Minister? yay!!
Eri Fukatsu? :/
Seriously, I didn't see chemistry between Kimura and her. But, I'm relly exciting for this drama ^^

Monday, February 18, 2008

[vid] Tsuyoshi history

I was about to sleep..but this one caught my eyes.
From Shoujiki Shindoi with Miho Kanno (sorry I don't know the date)..presented Domoto Tsuyoshi back then^^

credit: peewit

I've never seen the last part. Domoto Naohiro as kid presenter ^o^
I've seen before, Domoto Naohiro played in some dramas when he was 8 years old. But, as presenter too? Was it really his sister applied to Johnny's? hmmm..I won't be suprised if Johnny-san who asked him to enter Johnny's instead, just like Wentz Eiji of WaT.

[Miho Kanno reaction is kind of dissapointed.. but what can I expect?]

new layout \(^o^)/

Suddenly came to mind.. changed the background.. and it's Tsuyo this time^^ I'm thinking of change routine with JDG and hyde's too cause this is not Tsuyo's blog only, but rather to private blog. For the mean time, it's Tsuyo time xD
I got the picture from maggie1327. Her collection is awesome. First time I saw Coward Limited Edition booklet pages. Awesome~ I don't know how to thank her and ask for her permittion since it's all in chinese and need register to comment. I hope she didn't mind. I'll take it if it's not allowed.

Btw, this site is best viewed on 1024x768, or you won't see the background properly xD

Sunday, February 17, 2008

dorky Tsuyo...

I went to baidu a lot recently. There's many old pics I haven't seen. I also noticed something.
Tsuyo loved to do this...

some pics above, credit to maggie1327.

I think I saw more before, but none i saved >_<

さんかく- sankaku

I've been wondering about this stuff. What is it? Why Tsuyo choosed this?
I found an interesting story about this..

さんかく = sankaku; sangaku = triangle
さん= san = 3
かく= stroke; angle

Sangaku or San Gaku (算額; lit. mathematical tablet) are Japanese geometrical puzzles in Euclidean geometry on wooden tablets created during the Edo period (1603-1867) by members of all social classes.

During this period Japan was completely isolated from the rest of the world so the tablets were created using Japanese mathematics, (wasan), not influenced by western mathematical thought. For example, the fundamental connection between an integral and its derivative was unknown so Sangaku problems on areas and volumes were solved by expansions in infinite series and term-by-term calculation.

The Sangaku were painted in color on wooden tablets which were hung in the precincts of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines as offerings to the gods or as challenges to the congregants. Many of these tablets were lost during the period of modernization that followed the Edo period, but around nine hundred are known to remain. (wikipedia)

Among the world of triangle, i was brought to Japanese theorem for concyclic polygons, then it brings me to Sangaku: Reflections on the Phenomenon, and then to this gallery. I saw familiar forms to this:

Behind the scientific explanation and a historical background, this triangle has become a phenomenon, Sankaku phenomenon.
I couldn't find much interviews/articles where Tsuyo mentioned about this, nor whether it's related to this one or not. On top of that, how Tsuyo came up with Sankaku, it's a brilliant idea.
PS: Ochie, do you know anything about this?

^ I got this pic from:

^ Thanks to maggie1327.

Now, I'm thinking to get his sankaku stuff xD


Tsuyo on Love DHA.. (thanks to usami-chan).
So, from now on, I we better wait everything right from his mouth through his radio or his homepage. 244 ENDLI-x is not like we thought it was. Not that he changed to that, but there's another name he offer us to call him. Any name will do. (you are Tsuyo/Tsuyoshi to me, no matter how you dress up^^) .
As for his changing hair.. I'm ready for the worst, because i like him from his time which nothing can look worst xD

[animated] Tsuyo

For these few hours I'm trying to modify this blog with no luck! I lost some stuff :/ I was frustated but i won't give up though.

Tsuyo from Utaban 2000.07.20.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

[lyric] 蕾 - コブクロ

蕾 - コブクロ
Tsubomi - Kobukuro

lyric & music: Koubuchi Kentaro

涙 こぼしても 汗にまみれた笑顔の中じゃ
namida koboshitemo aseni mamireta egao no naka jya
daremo kizuite wa kurenai
だから あなたの涙を僕は知らない
dakara anata no namida wo boku wa shiranai

絶やす事無く 僕の心に 灯されていた
tayasu kotonaku boku no kokoro ni tou sareteita
優しい明かりは あなたがくれた 理由なき愛のあかし
yasashii akari wa anata ga kureta riyuunaki ai no akashi

柔らかな日だまりが包む 背中に ポツリ 話しかけながら
yawarakana hidamari ga tsutsumu senaka ni botsuri hanashi kake nagara
itsuka konna hi ga kuru kotomo
きっと きっと きっと わかってたはずなのに
kitto kitto kitto wakatteta hazu nanoni

消えそうに 咲きそうな 蕾が 今年も僕を待ってる
kie sou ni saki sou na tsubomi ga kotoshi mo boku wo matteru
掌じゃ 掴めない 風に踊る花びら
tenohira jya tsukamenai kaze ni odoru hanabira
tachi tomaru kata ni hirari
上手に乗せて 笑って見せた あなたを思い出す 一人
jyouzu ni nosete waratte miseta anata wo omoi dasu hitori

ビルの谷間に 埋もれた夢も いつか芽吹いて
biru no tani mani umoreta yume mo itsuka mefuite
花を咲かすだろう 信じた夢は 咲く場所を選ばない
hana wo sakasu darou shinjita yume wa saku bashou wo erabanai

僕等この街に落とされた影法師 みんな 光を探して
bokura kono machi ni otosareta kage houshi minna hikari wo sagashite
kasanari au toki no nagaremo
きっと きっと きっと 追い越せる日が来るさ
kitto kitto kitto oi koseru hi ga kuru sa

風のない 線路道 五月の美空は 青く寂しく
kaze no nai senro michi ko gatsu no bi sora wa aoku sabishiku
動かない ちぎれ雲 いつまでも浮かべてた
ugokanai chigire kumo itsumademo ukabeteta
どこにも もう戻れない
doko ni mo mou modorenai
僕のようだと ささやく風に キラリ舞い落ちてく 涙
boku no you dato sasayaku kaze ni kirai mai ochiteku namida

散り際に もう一度 開く花びらは あなたのように
chiri kiwa ni mou ichido hiraku hanabira wa anata no you ni
聴こえない 頑張れを 握った両手に 何度もくれた
kikoenai ganbare wo nigitta riyuu te ni nando mo kureta

消えそうに 咲きそうな 蕾が 今年も僕を待ってる
kie sou ni saki sou na tsubomi ga kotoshi mo boku wo matteru
今もまだ 掴めない あなたと描いた夢
ima mo mada tsukamenai anata to egaita yume
立ち止まる 僕のそばで
tachi tomaru boku no soba de
優しく開く 笑顔のような 蕾を探してる 空に
yasashiku hiraku egao no you na tsubomi wo sagashiteru sora ni


Friday, February 15, 2008

244 ENDLI-x LIVE Tour'08

Domoto announces first tour as ENDLI-x

Fri, February 15, 2008 (7:35pm EST)

Tsuyoshi Domoto announced on his official website that his solo project will go on its first tour since it was renamed to 244 ENDLI-x last month. The tour will start on March 29 at the Yokohama Arena and end in Sendai on May 8.

Source: Sankei Sports & Tokyograph

previous post:

Thank you fluffy for the info!


I couldn't open endli site from office, so I grab from baidu (thanks to 我是小葱). I've checked this morning.. it's not update yet :P

Wenn, are you going? xD

[244 ENDLI-x] GLOCALY update

Seriously, I've been trying to open Glocaly site for few days with no luck. Today, I am lucky xD

Apparently, there's (so far) 5 background images for Glocaly.

I accidently reload the page, and walaaa... I saw another different background!! and it's not one, reload again and there's another one. So far, I got 5. and the Music part got update; there's an audio preview.