Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Le-Ciel Xtra Mag is here!

This unexpectedly came faster than I thought it should!

Me and a friend so kibishi about paying the high-cost shipment..more over for a book/magazine. For this case, the shipping cost (using ems) is more expensive than the mag price x_x.  But, we didn't have any other option beside buying it online. So, desperately to get the copy, we decided to try the cheapest shipping method available in CdJapan, SAL. It was said that estimated arrival is 1-3 weeks, and it could be take 12 weeks! Well, praying hard that it won't be stuck at the custom, we placed the order.
Unexpectedly, it only took 8 working days to arrive in my hand! *dance*
Now, let's hope the UK Street team will release the translation on the rest of the content (^^)/

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Just saying..

Between 2 fandom that had a released-stuff in almost the same time driving me crazy.

I certainly can't cancel the Le Ciel extra mag since it's been shipped already, plus that it cost not much and I really want it xD. I have to drop Tsu's dvd already. Now, I still have one preorder for KK dvd.. Let's hope there won't be any other release coming yet!

It's August already and it's fasting month too!