Monday, April 14, 2014

Recently watched drama~

I am currently hooked with this actor, 김수현 b.1988).
Started with 'My love from another star' drama (2014) then I watched 'The moon that embraces the sun' (2012).  His two movies (Secretly Greatly and The Thieves) are in the waiting list.

I heard him before while Song Joong-ki was active.  He's been compared with Joongki several times.  So, I wondered about him.  But only this time I found my time.  Not too interested at first, by his 'weird' hairdo looks, but soon after 1 episode, I wanna know more about him.  He can play even with Jeon Ji-Hyun!  Yes, that Jeon-JiHyun (My Sassy Girl).  

The drama itself was amazing, I must say.  Good story, good casts, good acting, lovely bgm's.  Superb!  Jeon Ji-hyun is awesome.  This role is definitely for her.  I'm in love with Cheon Song-yi~ xD
And this is epic!
I couldn't help but laughed out loud! Alien?

Then, I remember this drama 'The moon that embraces the sun' that I have seen a little but I dropped it.  I only managed to watch 1 episode.  I think real life took my time.
Anyway, back to the drama.  This drama is 10 out of 10!
Good story, good casts, good acting. Superb! 
Sungkyunkwan Scandal has been in my smartphone for almost a year.  Since the space is limited, it can't help but replaced by The moon already xD
What am I supposed to say? This actor, Kim Soo-hyeon is the star.  He dominated the drama by his wonderful acting.  That's what it's all about, good acting.  I'm in love with his acting.  
It's seems that I talked more about him rather than the drama itself, eh? xD
Anyway, he really portrayed a decent king very well.
Make a nice pair with Han Ga-in, and make a good companion with his bodyguard and his palace attendant.
This king is sturdy, straight forward, quite high tempered, yet playful and emotional.  I must say, he's good in crying and it makes me crying as well xD
I love all the dialogues; the logical on how the king tried to solve the case.  The world when mobile phone is no exist yet.  What am I talking about?  I love everything, every character in this drama except for the ministers.  I even don't hate the queen nor the grandmother. Just hate those ministers.
Anyway, it's highly recommended drama.  Needs some patience for those who is not familiar with saeguk, though.